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  1. Hello I would be interested in joining the litter pickers, preferring to work in a group than alone. S8 but can travel . What kind of equipment do I need and how can I find a group of people to work with please?
  2. Can anyone recommend an accessible hairdressers for a lady in a wheelchair who has a traditional perm please Sheffield 11,8,Dronfield or nearby .
  3. Can anyone recommend a wheelchair accessible hairdresser in the S11/8/7/17 area? It is for an older lady who likes a traditional perm. Many Thanks
  4. Can anyone recommend a homecarer or homecare company that covers S11 area? Thank you in advance. Can someone please amend the thread title please?
  5. Hi, Mosborough kennels and cattery is close to you. Run by lovely people.
  6. Hi, as previously said all rescues are over flowing with staffy's. However, try asking the rescues if they would home check for you . Also many of the rescues have volunteer dog walkers , if one lives close to your friend they may offer to walk the dog now and again. Which area is your friend going to live in? Also the Cinamon Trust helps in these situations and may be able to help with a CRB checked dog walker , there is no charge for this.
  7. My cat had a similar problem when she came to us last year, she had been living rough. I found that the only thing she could eat was Burgess dry sensitive food , which is supposed to be a good quality food and is good value. The Pet company at Millhouses orders it in for me. However , once the problem settled down I was able to introduce a little tuna (teaspoonful, twice a day), I buy the tuna in spring water, or plain white fish. Now she can tolerate James Wellbeloved dry food which is fish flavoured as a variation. She still doesn't have wet food but her tummy seems to be fine with her current combination.
  8. Neeeeeeeeeek, Renalzin paste can mixed into any cat food and stops the phosphorous damaging the kidneys ( or something to that effect). It's not as good as the renal diet but better than feeding normal cat food alone or chicken or fish. It has to be prescribed by a vet. If you're not happy with your current vet you could always change . I use Peak Vets at Woodseats , they were always helpful with my old boy .
  9. Hi, my cat was diagnosed with kidney problems when he was about 13 years old. First he had a special diet then was prescribed Fortekor tablets. Luckily he developed a liking for the tablets as they are beef flavoured , and would just eat them out of my hand! When he got bored with the special diet , the vet suggested a paste which can be mixed in with normal food and stops the digestion of the "bad stuff". Gingers lived to be 21 years old, he had a good quality of life . You will need to look out for urine infections as this can be common with kidney problems. I used catsan, a white cat litter so it was easy to tell if there was any blood in his urine. Also male cats can get a blocked urethra which is very painful and can be fatal but is very easy to spot, if your cat is straining and cannot wee he needs to go straight to vets. Good luck!
  10. Hi, if you are close to S20 and like walking , Sheffield dog rescue are always needing volunteer dog walkers. Good exercise and lots of lovely walks near to the kennels . If you're interested I'll PM you details of where the dogs are kept. We also have a shop in Chesterfield solely run by our wonderful volunteers. If you're not near S20, there are many other animal charities that need volunteers. If you look in the pet owners forum you'll find some ideas , not all hands on , could be helping in shop etc.
  11. Hi Kirsty Yes , please remember us when you have free time. Most of our dogs come to us as strays and with no history are not suitable for walking with a small child and/or pram. However, it would be lovely to see you when your daughter's at preschool.
  12. Powerage , thank you that's a lovely offer. Monday afternoon is fine.
  13. Hi Becky Yes we are always in need of volunteers in the following roles: Dog walking, we always need people to exercise our dogs and can get a lot of helpful feedback from the walkers about the dogs behaviour when out and about. Fosterers, we desperately need foster homes (without children) for our long stay residents. Emptying food bins, we have food bins in some local supermarkets which need emptying and taking to the kennels. Promotion of the rescue, at events such as dog shows or even to organise (or have ideas about) new events. And probably loads more! Many thanks for your enquiry, I'll pm you the details of where the dogs are kept in case you want to walk them.
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