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  1. Hi Chris, I have 4 real Xmas trees in my garden, they are around 6 to 7 feet tall. I'd be happy for you to come & select one when you need it, you would have to cut it down, although I'm sure my husband would help if he's in when you call. PM me to arrange things if you think this is of any help.
  2. My son has a property thats just become available at charnock s12, it.s a modern 3 bed semi, he allowed the previous tennants to have a dog on condition that if it caused any damage then it would be immediately repaired, as he lives abroad he pays an agency to take care of renting the property, the tennants have moved out and i as his mum have been to look at the property and discovered that the dog has chewed skirting boards, door jarms, dado rail, kitchen worktop edges, and even the cooker knobs !!! It also needs painting where the dog has scratched the paintwork off the staircase, the bond wont even cover what the damage will cost to repair, yet they've asked for it back !!! he's also lost potential rental income while the damage is being repaired, can anyone advise me whether the agency is in anyway liable for not checking the property while the tennants were there? Anyway, after saying all that, my son says he would consider allowing a pet again, but not a puppy, and the future tennants would have to be ok with a regular check that theres no damage, which under the circumstances is reasonable in my opinion. Anyone interested can view the property on property plus' website.
  3. I have bought a national magazine today with an article advertising "The UK's best Christmas markets, there are 4 recommended, manchester, gloucester, edinburgh, and sheffield, it says that the one in sheffield will have an ice rink and runs from 18th nov - 23rd dec, details can be found at sheffieldchristmasmarket.co.uk
  4. And whatever happened to Sheffield History & Expats Section !!!
  5. bbc HD has stopped working on mine, it just says no signal, the other HD channels are all fine though, as are all other channels. Anyone else with the same thing?
  6. did your dad wear wellies and always had a spare chew for Jim ?
  7. Hi Bustedsofa, my husband is on your list and wants to know if you were a deputy and have ginger hair ??
  8. I work with Roger and have told him all about this thread, as he's "not into computers" (his words not mine) he asked if i would post this on his behalf, He is extremely flattered and surprised at the level of concern amongst everyone and would like to thank you all for your kind words and support, however, he is happy with the redundancy package he has been offered by Asda, and will indeed continue working in store on the cleaning side of things. Just to reiterate........ as Roger often says..... he thanks you all, but is happy to take his redundancy !!!
  9. Just bringing this thread to life again as the sun are running their £9.50 hols once more, so any code words would be appreciated i'm sure, at the moment i'm just missing sundays from the news of the world and would appreciate it if someone could post the code word please.
  10. Just thought i'd leave an update as i still read this thread occasionally to see how everyones getting on......I am proud to report that my OH and I have been smoke free for 2 and a half years thanks to champix and this thread....thanks for starting it jabbers, and to everyone that supported us xx
  11. been reduced today, £4 per tin, also various beers cider and lagers are 2 for £15 or 3 for £18 and today they got 70cl bottles of baileys original and flavoured at £7 each !!!
  12. you always pay for this........ you don't always get it !!!
  13. I have caller display and have been getting calls for the last few days from 0, the first couple of times i answered but there was no one on the other end, so since then i havn't bothered answering the 0 calls at all, think its probably marketing companys that randomly dial numbers automatically, but there isn't always an operator at their end to complete the call when you answer.
  14. Went in on Monday around 7pm for a meal, was really impressed with the decor and think they have made a good job, there are lots of varied seating arrangements, which cater for different party sizes, children are allowed, they dine for £1 when an adult buys a meal on Monday and Tuesday i think, because when i looked at the menu and realised, i thought that there would be lots of kids shouting and running about, but it wasn't bad at all, and even if it had been we could have gone into the bar side which is over 18s only, and theres still lots of tables to eat at through there. Both my husband and i had steaks which were nice enough, but just run of the mill pub food, but you don't expect 5* food for the price we paid which was really inexpensive, can't comment on the drink prices as i didn't go to the bar, the staff were attentive, asking if all was ok, and even Sue had a smile on her face when she asked if we had room for a pudding, which we didn't !!! All in all, a decent meal for the money, in really comfortable surroundings. Wont be going every week, but will definately try another selection from the menu. I think it's well worth a visit.
  15. have you thought of buying king size flat sheets in the colours required, theres loads of fabric for minimal cost if you get them from say, ASDA or Morrisons, or maybe one of the cheap homewear stores, as its just for fancy dress, it should be suitable.
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