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  1. I am struggling at the moment to get a Blue Badge. Due to my financial situation I can't claim DLA so had a brief phone interview and was turned down so
  2. Try wendyscelebrationcakes.co.uk/
  3. So where exactly on Queens Road was this?
  4. Yes, back then girls didn't need to drink their male counterparts under the table, expected 'no' to be accepted as such and had fun.
  5. I would have loved to have done just that, but felt quite intimidated at the time, but I did stand (or sit) my ground. Still, a very unpleasant journey.
  6. Makes me wonder how today's young will feel when they are tomorrows elderly.
  7. I am 63, not exactly ancient or disabled either, but got on a tram a while ago and sat in an empty seat next to a young woman. What I didn't know was that the young woman's 8 (ish) year old daughter was tazzing around the tram but regarded the seat as hers. The abuse this child gave me was unbelievable, with no response from her mother. Since then I have avoided trams at busy times but feel for people who really need priority seats.
  8. Probably my husband, an inexperienced shopper. He was helping himself to a loaf from a trolley piled high with bread until I pointed out it was someone's shopping, lol. They must have a big family to need 20 large loaves.
  9. Bearing in mind the state of the majority of pavements in Sheffield it is hardly surprising that delivery postmen are a tad later than usual.
  10. My garden contains three dogs, two cats, two hamsters and a canary. No, I am not a serial pet killer, I have just lived here a while. I bury them without any covering as that prevents decomposition but know where they all are, and they are deep enough not to be dug up by the most enthusiastic gardener. Now me, I may well end up in the bin but don't care.
  11. When I post ebay items I always state that I will obtain proof of posting and so far have had no problem. Any enquiry to the Post Office re a missing item has to be instigated by the sender, they won't accept a query from the recipient.
  12. The white 'H' could seem a good idea, except that it also excludes you from parking in front of your own drive, so could be a mixed blessing.
  13. Maybe the 'old man' is like me. I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease but choose not to apply for disabled parking as I don't wish to be labelled. How I wish I could be fit enough to park any old where, baby or not. It would be sheer joy to be able to walk from the end of the car park to the other hauling a baby so please be glad that you can.
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