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  1. Make sure you inform your insurance company if you are changing to alloys
  2. go to outside market Chris has a fishing stall there on mondays he'll see you ok 2nd hand but he's a decent bloke.
  3. Cheers Gordon I know there were not as many as the last one 3 years ago and maybe I got the numbers a bit wrong we reckon now by the book we had on the door there were about 150 this time. I organised it early January by popular request booked the room and started to spread the word then I did put a post on here and I also set up an Herries Road Re-union group on Facebook, sorry you missed it it was a good night the diesel fumes very thick as you can imagine. Hope you can make the next one in 3 years. I was at Herries from 1974 to when they closed, I retired at 65 in 2008 it's not the same job now Gordon as you probably know. Regards John
  4. eckardt ibbotson hooper roper sawyer roberts bullivant kerrigan ulyatt hallam molloy simpson. haslam by the tone of your post you seem to have a problem Gordon
  5. You should have been at Hillsborough WMC on Saturday night we had an Herries Road Re-union there were hundreds of us
  6. The best pork shops are in the Hillsborough area of Sheffield
  7. All the pork shops are in the Hillsborough area of Sheffield
  8. Anyone who worked at Herries road bus depot may be interested in another re-union on the 7th May at the Hilsborough WMC Bradfield Road Pm me for more details
  9. Anyone who worked at Herries Road bus depot till it's closure may be interested in the re-union we are holding on May7th at The Hillsborough WMC Bradfield Road. All ex "Hillsborough Bus Company" staff will be most welcome, the one we held 3 years ago was brilliant, the place was buzzing. We have a facebook group it's "Herries Road bus depot re-union group". If you know anyone who worked any Herries please let them know or you can PM me on here.
  10. I asked a city counsellor why they were pulling down a building that was fairly new, his reply was "after 20 years or so all buildings get tired and out of date and need to be replaced" I said " then why am I living in a 60 year old council house" The silence was deafening.
  11. Perhaps your mind is stupified by the rubbish you are either injecting or taking orally believe me, I can tell by just talking to anyone who is a regular user of even cannabis that they are addicted and reliant on drugs.
  12. Lets not just stop at legalising drugs, if all you are bothered about is cutting the crime rate let's make everything legal murder,kidnapping,rape ect. Is it fair to the unborn children of junkeys smackheads whatever you want to call them, to come into the world totally dependent on crack and other crap. If you want to take drugs fine, get neutered then kill yourself with as much as you like because you're just scumbags and no-one will care.
  13. If you go on to "You tube" and look for Iris Dement singing " Let the mystery Be" you may find some answers
  14. Sheffield council will collect all large items. ring them up and arrange a pick up time with them and they will take it away
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