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  1. I have a problem with my Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25Si - around 5 years old It had been dropping pressure and topped up every 3 to 6 months or so for several years. I hadn't topped it up for a while (several months) and yesterday the pressure dropped to zero, followed by water dripping from the rear of the boiler from above the pipework. I shut it down and refilled to 1.2 bar and restarted it. It ran ok. The pressure subsequently shot up to 3 bar in use. It has dropped to 0.75 bar out of use. Any ideas on the cause and recommendations of who to use for the repair? Thanks.
  2. Just an update to this thread Spot On Windows (details above) have just replaced my broken units for me Just wanted to say, they were very efficient, did a clean and very tidy job. Price was very reasonable. I would definitely use them again.
  3. Spoke to plastique not keen on replacing just the glazing - want to replace entire frame. Is this the norm? Is there anyone who will replace the glazed unit?
  4. Hi Can anyone recommend someone to remove and replace 2 sealed double glazed units to my house windows which have cracked on the inner pane please? Panes are approx 47x40cm and 76x38cm Inner panes have a pattern on it to obscure it
  5. Hi I have 3 trees in my smallish garden that I would like to have removed They are all around 20ft in height - one's a leylandii, one is a rowan, and not sure about the other. Would like recommendations for trustworthy and safe contractors to take down, kill/remove stump and remove all waste from site. Location - Banner Cross. Thanks Simon
  6. Thanks for your replies. Ref heater - not sure, you might be right, however even simply running the drain programme does not activate pump properly and I would have thought it would be dependent on heater element?? I have ordered a compatible pump online - and will swap it over If there's a blockage at the inlet, I'll have a spare pump!
  7. Thanks for your reply Impeller rotates fine and during cycle pump discharges happily (i.e. not via syphoning). Cant understand why it discharges happily to a bucket and not to the waste connection (and why its suddenly decided its not happy) I think it might be worth replacing pump - which appears to be relatively simple procedure. Cheers
  8. I have a bosch exxcel washer dryer, around 4 years old. It has been getting stuck at the end of the cycle on 1 minute on most cycles, but always works on super quick programme with no problems. Over the weekend, even the super quick is failing to drain the water away, with water sat in the drum. The filter is clear. Out of curiosity, I disconnected the waste pipe from its normal drain point (it connected to the u-bend of the waste pipe from the kitchen sink). The trap and pipework are clear, and and although there is a bit of gunk on the inside of the hose - it appears to be clear. The sink drains very rapidly - i.e. if I fill it and take the plug out it is free draining, so I dont think this is the problem. I then placed the hose in a bucket on the floor and ran the normal cycle - and hey presto - it completed the cycles without stopping. Could it be the pump ?- I am wondering if placing the hose in the bucket allows the pump to discharge more freely - I did notice that when the drum discharged quite a lot of the grey gunk lining the waste hose was flushed out, but appears to be free flowing. Also if the bucket is on the floor then presumably the pump requires less effort to discharge to water? Would it be better to have a dedicated waste outlet rather than inlet boss on side of sink waste? Or is it something else? I ran the machine on 90 deg C cycle as well, and there is no issue with heater.
  9. Can anyone recommend a roofer to carry out a repair to a 1st floor bay window flat roof which is leaking? May also need the gutters and downpipes looking at. I have had one quote for replacing with lead and renewing the ply, but I would like to get a quote for renewing in felt if possible.
  10. I work for a local(ish) firm of structural engineers. I can recommend my boss, who is the director of our office. He has 20 years experience of carrying out structural surveys on properties in Sheffield. He is also a Chartered Engineer. He will be able to carry out a visual inspection and produce a survey report with recommendations for your roof. He is on leave this week, but please feel free to call him upon his return next week. His name is Andrew Russell, and the company name is Rolton Group Ltd. His DD 01246 573 380. If you describe what it is you are after from the report he will be able to provide you with a quotation for the report immediately.
  11. Hi Sheffield Tigers (rugby) up near the Dore Moor Inn do child classes. Don't know much about it, but follow this link. http://www.sheffieldtigers.co.uk Hope this helps
  12. Hi Melanie Can you remember who fitted the stove for you? Thanks
  13. Typically, expect to pay somewhere around £50 to £75 (+VAT) per hour for a chartered structural engineers time. If the job is simply initial site visit, provision of calculations for a steel beam size, sizing padstones etc and possibly a sketch of the proposal then this would represent no more than 4 hours i.e £200-£300 +VAT. You could try Martin Evans (look in the Sheffield yellow pages). Do NOT allow your builder to install the steelwork without advice from an engineer, and make sure you or your builder have made a regs submission (phone the council for the forms), and have had an inspection from the inspector before the work is covered up (although in practice due to the workload on the inspectors this does not happen - but at least give them the opportunity)
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