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  1. Anywhere to the north of the city or even better, in Rotherham that has a do your own jet wash for vehicle cleaning? I'd like to start using one instead of cleaning my vehicle by hand. Anyone know of any good places to go?
  2. If they're chilled items then they're not in perfect condition as the store has to legally be able to guarantee that the chilled or frozen items they're selling have not been out of their cold chain for longer than 20 minutes. That is, chilled or frozen food being moved from chillers or freezers in distribution centres to chilled wagons/lorries which then take the food to stores, which is then moved to chilled or frozen storerooms in the warehouse, and then finally from their to the chop floor chillers and freezers. If at any point in the distribution process the food has been out of a chiller or freezer for longer than 20 minutes, the food has to be thrown away or its illegal to sell. Given that a supermarket cannot guarantee the above on returned cold items, the woman behind the desk is correct and that they do indeed have to throw them away. Now having said that, the numpty behind the desk sounds like she has an attitude that stinks. She's there to do her job which is effing customer service, not act like a miserable cowbag. Take back the items and dont complain as the money Tesco are losing by refunding them isn't coming out of her pocket.
  3. So I wandered down to millhouses for a haircut today at Sweeny 5 only to find the place shut down, lights off and lots of boards and other materials leaned up against the cashiers front desk. It looked like it had either hopefully closed for refurbishment, or had closed for good. It's one of the biggest unisex hair salons in sheffield and has been there for nearly 30 years, and I've been told it even had a grand opening back in the day with Emelyn Hughes to cut the ribbon. Does anyone know what's going on with the place? Has it gone for good?
  4. You assume wrong. A relative of mine who is just a basic customer assistant earns £7.66 per hour and not what the minimum wage of £6.31 currently is. That's 21.39% more than minimum wage.
  5. Yup. Flew directly over my house going south east.
  6. Delete message mods. Use this thread instead. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1209720
  7. Frogs legs are best when seasoned with salt.
  8. Considering the Crown estate brought in profits of £240m last year, of which the Royals are entitled to keep 15% of, I'd say they pay more than enough with the £200 million or so that goes into treasury coffers every year.
  9. Except when it sometimes does. In Pearl Mississippi back in 1999in a case that closely mirrors the Sandy Hook shootings, a student killed his mother, loaded his trench coat with enough ammunition to cause a higher body count than at sandy hook, and then drove his mothers car to his high school. He killed 2 students and wounded 7 others before the schools assistant principle forced him to surrender at gunpoint with a .45 cal pistol held point blank at his head. Saying that you dont think it will work is a disservice to the many other students that could have died had the assistant principal not had access to a gun. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_High_School_shooting
  10. Sign up for a Google one at the address below https://mail.google.com/
  11. Now that the project to install LED street lighting throughout Sheffield has started, I wouldn't mind finding out what streets already have it installed? I wouldn't mind having a look so that I know what we're in for.
  12. Its more like the differing amount of energies at which the particles are collided at.
  13. Yes. Whoever discovered the Higgs Boson should have naming rights over the Higgs Boson. Afterall its not like the Higgs Boson has a name already. I wonder what the Higgs Boson would be called?
  14. Isnt it rather selfish to demand your sister moves back to be close to you only because you want her to? Not only does she have her own life to lead, but your also asking her husband to give up his job and home to move somewhere he may not want to, and her children to give up their friends for the sole reason that you'd like to live closer to your sister? Not cool in my opinion. Let them be free to live their own lives.
  15. All of those links you provided are basically woo crackpot quackery central. Its pretty safe to disregard any of the unscientific bull**** they spout.
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