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  1. You were not with the bunch that got caught getting off the 99 bus at the Old Harrow were you. Everyone was laughing at that. The thing I remember most (well apart from old Slats blowing the chemistry roof off) was when we were all sledging down the fields at the back of the dinner huts (Which had Asbestos roofs!) and some of the boys had built a ramp with the snow. What they had not taken into the equation was they would become airborne when going fast. Two of them went straight into the greenhouse and 'old Slats' went berserk when we went back to school after the weekend because they had landed on his prize plants. We though he was going to internally Combust - so funny. Well not for the lads Bums who he gave several Wacks to !
  2. Hi, Just got your reply, Yes Hillary Watson is ok and we have met up a few time. I remember you to her. Hazel. ---------- Post added 03-10-2013 at 15:16 ---------- No Ken is my Hubby, we both went to Frecheville, his younger brother Eric, went to Birley.
  3. Hi Stuart, Did you get the photo I sent you of the football team with you Dickie and my Hubby Ken Hollingsworth. I was in the next Bed to Margaret in the N.Gen. for a minor opp. I still see Dickie, Jeff Clarke, Pete Hides, Hillary Watson, Mollie Sherwood, Josie Harrison, Billy Welbourne, Tony Randle. I am sure it was all the cane on my hands that caused my Arthritus !!! Some great day on Frecheville, was up there a few weeks back ( I go when I want a few memories!) They have done it all up and it looks great. Nice Talking. Hazel Orio.
  4. Hi Brian, Mollie is my best friend, we still meet up and met all the girls at Mollies 60th birthday. The people next door to the were the Helliwells. you were nearly right. Yes we did live opposite David Fox we lived at no 21. My hubby had the MGB GT just after we were married it was an orangy colour, but can't remember Mollie and Steve having one, will ask her seeing her in the next couple of weeks. Last time just before Xmas we were laughing at the Pantomimes that used to be at the Centre and Mollie, Josie Harrison and Myself were in it for a few years and The Carnivals, they were great. Unfortunately when my parents died I thought my sister had cleared the loft out and she thought I had. It was not 'till 20 years later when I asked her about the photos and clothes from the Panto we realised that everything was left in the loft and the house had changed owners 3 times after we sold it. OMG I would loved to have known what was up there and why they never let us know. My sister thinks that was probably where all the 'missing' silver went and that is why they never said - hey ho too late now. Take care my friend.xx
  5. Hi. Alan,Brian and Lynne Hollingsworth all live in Canada and have done for about 25 years, but when they come home to visit they all drive down basegreen and over the Nab - imagin the shock they got last year when Frecheville School was 'no more', but we all end up talking about the Rock Club and the great groups that we saw and the Laughter we all had.
  6. Happy New year all my Rock Club Friends. not been on the site for a while. I lost a Very dear friend and it just made me cry when I used this site. I miss him so much but now feel as though I just remember the great times we Had. Talking to his mum, dad and sister was good and his Daughters helped me through. Blossom1719 Lynne was over for her mums funeral in September and Carol Christopher and all her sisters came. It was great to see them all together.
  7. We were convinced she had eyes in her Backside! she once caught me and a friend sharing a ciggy in the toilets - she was not there when we went in - no door were heard to open - yet there she was - witch?
  8. Yep, She was in the nursing home that my Mother-in Law is in at Killamarsh - perhaps it is for 'evil' people only!!!!!
  9. Sorry do not know my cousins Chris, Margaret and Francis Orio lived on Lydgate Lane and we spent many happy hours sledging down there.
  10. One of the girls I wrked with was Janet Scott, she was the cousin of 'joe' Cocker. she did have a brother but can not remember his name - she will be about 67 a bit older than me I am 64 this year.
  11. The only girls I knew were the ones I worked with in the printing Dep. at The Mount. Carol and Jenny Cousins, Coral (who married Pete Stringfellow) Liz Evans and many more. the only relatives I have left is my Cousin Margarete Orio, sister Fran (works in the Antartic as a chef.) my cousin Chris Orio went to live in Aus. my grandparents used to own a bike shop on the main road, but that was pre-war.
  12. Oh yes remember that well. I also remember the Rememberance Sunday march when all the men would put thier uniforms and medals on and there was a service in front of the community centre and everyone turned out in thier'Sunday best' to pay thier respects for those who did not make it back. Thier is a brass plaque in St.Cyprians with all the names of those who served and those who did not return. It was a real community them.
  13. Oh I am getting all nostalgic, Youth is wasted on the young! Oh so many happy days and nights to remember - I am lucky though, I still have most of the friends I had then and when we meet up, it is as though we are back round the pond and kids again - keeps us young at heart.
  14. I have the Orriginal plans of Frecheville as they were planning to build it. a friend of mine Terry Conroy (now sadly deseased) fished in the pond right up to his death last year. I so remember the rock club and the church hall dances with Dave Berry. The church was the First in England to have a rock group in the Sunday morning service - brilliant but the 'oldies' - not my parents - were disgusted. Oh happy days learning to bop to Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. anyone remember when Dave Berries mum used to hire the hall above the co-op for dances to get Dave started? if you need Photos of Frecheville pond from the late fifty's early 60' go to them via the Frecheville Comunity Centre web page.
  15. Still Looking for Anne Checkley from Manor Lane, anyone any info?
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