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  1. 10x8 Wooden Shed Wanted S6 any for sale or free, can collect, cheap or as reasonably priced as possible, must have four walls, roof and a door. second hand welcome but cant be damaged beyond use (small caravan that is legally able to be towed also considered) Thanks for reading
  2. sorry not been online (no wifi) for ages, i have a wheel barrow thanks, my borthers skip diver at work got me one
  3. yes there are but she needs a specific build for the type of house/stairs, we are sorted now we have managed with kind donations to make this happen
  4. Thanks I managed to speak to someone from council. Its felt roof and breezeblock walls.
  5. My Mum has numerous illnesses and ailments which restrict her mobility and stop her doing day to day things like walking, sitting comfortably and enjoying life. She needs help to walk with aids like crutches or another person, so the stairs have become near on impossible, moving out of our much loved family home is not an option and it shouldn't be the only answer. However with dad working to keep that roof over her head we are unable to get much help with funding for a stair lift. So my plea to my family, friends and random strangers is to donate, so we can help fund the partial cost of a stair lift. Our local council is helping but we still can't meet what they are asking us to contribute without selling a kidney. If you can't help with a small donation that's cool but please share and in a hope that we meet our target or as close as possible. I love my mum dearly and would love to see her have more independence with her mobility to come downstairs to join in family fun or stop sleeping on the sofa when she feels she's being too much of a burden on us to get her back up to her bed. I love both my parents and this would be such a fantastic aid in the family home for her. Sadly her illnesses will not improve but her quality of life could. With your help. So yes I'm begging for money but for the best cause I can think of to date for me. I love my mum.. Did I say that's why I was doing this. http://www.gofundme.com/making-my-mum-more-mobile
  6. Hello My daughter is in Y2 and has been tasked with finding what our building is made from, i have used google as she doesn't know how and we have tried the library but with no luck? and as its a council property I even rang them and they basically laughed at me, so I ask here We live in a maisonette and need to know what the roof is made from and the walls? Many thanks
  7. Looking for, to buy or aquire for free any of the following items. I don't drive so collection would be difficult although not impossible (for items that are clean and small) so anybody willing to deliver I would understand adding on fuel cost. It's not a begging post as I have some things and will be able to buy things but if your clearing out I'd rather get second hand than brand new. Water butt or other water storage containers (not drinking water) Metal drum (for safe fire) Guttering Hesian sacks/sheeting Gravel / rubble Wood chip Wood/timber/pallets Bricks Stone/s Plastic sheeting Carpets/rugs ...any building materials - just ask - we maybe able to use it Wheel barrow/trolley? Sand Sleepers/floor boards Doors /windows Wood Pallets Planks Metal sheeting Old Tyres Old buckets/sink bowls Metal stakes/posts Wire mesh any oddments of d.i.y equipment or spare parts like nuts/bolts etc out of date seeds (can still be used for kids to practice) Any items that would help build a shed (have one stone wall already) Kids gardening stuff - anything they can play with or help without hurting each other. Must be able to deliver to Sheffield 6 THANK YOU for reading
  8. Hiya thanks for the reply, i dont have internet all the time, so sorry for slow reply. I did know re the mayor part but as far as I can tell its not the line attached to us. Intrested in the breweries part though thanks
  9. is this a link to Sheffield Landlords? how would i get such a list as i cant locate it on Sheffield Homes page or gov.uk page anymore, any advice welcome
  10. thank you for your reply i will look into this
  11. Thank you, came up better on a PC than my phone search.
  12. I have been doing my Family Tree for some time now and have lots of evidence, photos and links, including insurance details from the 1864 flood for my family and the home they had on Holme Lane, war records, BMD certs etc but would always like more information. If anybody is a relation (with strong evidence) I would also be happy to share info etc Family names from the line I am most intrested in are (some differences on cencus info re spelling etc) GEORGE CHARLES ELLIOTT-BIRKS GEORGE ELLIOT-BIRKS GEORGE ELLIOTT GEORGE BIRKS Holme Lane, S6 Family links/lines to Underbank Chapel, Bradfield, Stannington, Wisewood, Hillsbo' The info doesnt have to be going backwards it can be modern day info, for example Graham Birks played for a short while at SWFC in the 1970s. All information will be treated with confidence as its only for my personal use and to build up the history books for my children. Thanks for reading.
  13. you posted a map link, can you post info on where to find the rest or more of this map to the left? sorry im late to this thread by a fewyears but trying to find some info out. thanks
  14. Hello thanks for reading I cant find any sites to locate the correct names of the dams down Rivelin (only know what we called them as kids) can anybody suggest any links or knows the correct names of the dams? we went to the dam thats on the S bend near Quarry, just down from Roscoe Bank at the bottom of long lane. Google maps just shows it as River Rivelin. Thanks for your help.
  15. Its not making money as such but i would have been just happy to cover the costs of the stall fee, be able to continue with my hobby. I never make a profit i just cover costs - so dont judge that im money grabbing, i definately am not.
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