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  1. Yes, he's home, thanks guys!! ---------- Post added 27-08-2013 at 12:40 ---------- ..and to a post that was left here but has now vanished, OF COURSE I let the cats out. It's cruel to keep them in, in this weather. If I lived near a main road or something, no way would I let them out, but around woodland, of course I'll let them out! ---------- Post added 27-08-2013 at 12:40 ---------- ..and I don't expect ANYONE to look after my cats, thank you! Infact, I wish people would avoid paying attention to them while they're out!
  2. Hi all, Has anyone seen a black cat in the Parson Cross/Ecclesfield area? He's very glossy and is a year old. He was last seen on Monday morning (26th August) on the Coppin Square estate, just off Yew Lane. He never wanders far so this is uncharacteristic of him. He has a black collar with diamonds around it and answers to the name 'Merlin'. Could anyone in the area please check your sheds, greenhouses and other areas a cat might crawl into. He's a family cat and we're all VERY WORRIED! Thanks a lot! ---------- Post added 27-08-2013 at 02:51 ---------- P.S. There's a reward for safe return. Thank you.
  3. Thanks guys! It's not my car. It's my cousins but I'm trying to help her. I called her and she's sending her fella round to the roundabout. Might also be worth mentioning there's a brand new £170 pram in the boot and a £70 child seat too.
  4. Silver Astra Estate stolen from Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross between 8:30 and 10 pm last night (29/01). Anyone seen it abandoned anywhere? Thanks!
  5. She didn't actually see him up close. She just assumes that it was him that she was walking toward. I wondered if it was actually his funeral that she was seeing. Great tv show! Can't wait for next one.
  6. In your OPINION they are an 'Eye sore', just like in my opinion, they're a landmark.
  7. I can't understand why they're pulling them down! This is ridiculous. Why is there no protest?
  8. I agree. I think this song's much better than HALF of what's in our current chart! :-(
  9. Oh and I remembered him walkin on a brick wall with stars flying round him in the video. Upon watching the vid, I think it's a desert he's on with sparks flying round him. No wonder I couldn't find it for years. I described it all wrong! My memories screwed! lol!
  10. LOL..I still appreciate it. Weird thing is, this song is NEVER played anywhere....EVER. Haven't heard it since way back when, and I think it's a pretty decent song for the time!
  11. Thank you ALL so much. You're all stars and I see a lot of effort put into those youtube links and stuff, so thank you, BUT STEELHEAD31.....you GOT IT! 'Walking on the milky way'. I just downloaded this on itunes and I recognised it straight away! OMG, it brought back memories I forgot I had..THANK YOU SOO MUCH...I seriously can't say it enough. Dunno why this song was so important for me to find, but after years, I've FINALLY got it..THANK YOU!! I owe you a million!!! Thanks all of you who helped too. xxxxxxx
  12. Again, thank you..but it's not that one either. I actually know that song quite well. Thanks for trying though. :-(
  13. No, but thanks guys. I appreciate it loads. It was a pop song..a nice one, not cheesy pop, but good pop. I'm at a loss..:-(
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