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  1. Hi, My partner has had a tattoo removed by rejuvi, although he has not had laser removal. He would be happy to talk through the rejuvi method with your husband if he would like to talk to someone that has actually had it done (and who is qualified to remove it if he wishes to proceed). Give us a call on 0114 2661531, we are based on Sharrow Vale Rd, so easy to reach and cheap parking.
  2. Hi, if you want to pop in to see us at Clinique Elysees we will be happy to do a free consultation. We do non laser tattoo removal, so no worries about different colour pigments. Give us a call on 2661531, or just call in, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 11-6 and Sat 11-4.
  3. Have you looked to see if there are any jobs associated with next years census?
  4. Have you just moved to the area? It can be hard meeting new people, especially as it is cold and dark and horrible so people aren't out and about so much. It won't help in paying the bills but you could have a look at volunteering opportunities as it will help you meet people and make friends, it looks good on your CV as employers will see that you are dedicated and wiling to learn new skills, and sometimes voluntary work can lead to paid employment directly as well. Are you involved with any particular religion? I you are religious maybe joining a local congregaton will help you meet people. Its a really hard time for many, I hope it picks up for everyone really. And we are not all unfriendly. Maybe grumpy, but not unfriendly!
  5. Well done to the OP, I don't know you but it is so wonderful to hear that you have come through, and achieved so much, and I think it it incredibly brave and admirable that you are telling your story. I haven't read the long post above yet, but I just wanted to say well done and I think it is great that you are showing people there is hope. Again, congratulations, I hope lide continues to improve for you
  6. I think the idea behind it was partially due to european funding a few years ago that the council claimed for and partly because they had the idea of knocking down the old houses (some, like the malthouses were only meant to last a few years and were allegedly having major problems but others were fine, nothing wrong with them at all). I think the plan was to knock down a load of houses and then sell the land to developers who would have to provide a certain percentage of "affordable homes" and others for social rent in order for the council to recieve more funding. There was also a plan to create a "mixed income" estate, so they would build some 5 bed houses for sale on the open market alongside social rented accomodation. Problem is that in carrying out this plan they failed to take into account the human cost eg the breakdown of communities and the stress of those who were to lose their homes. They also overlooked that fact that these pockets of land were not the super desirable areas the developers were interested in. And then of course the recession hit and house prices started to fall and developers massively reduced how much construction they were doing, even pulling out of a couple of areas that were almost ready to go ahead. The reason that the council didn't just replace old for new council houses was due to laws bought in by the thatcher govt that prohibited the building of council housing, apparently. So the end result is that areas that were once thriving have massive holes cut in them that are largely used as "wild flower meadows", a lack of social housing and many people that went through heartache and stress for nothing. Plus the owner occupied houses in the area saw a reduction in values due to the vicinity of derelict or demolished areas. See also skinnerthorpe rd and barnsley rd (by junction of skinnerthorpe where the houses have not even been all demolished yet) and parts of pitsmoor and burngreave.
  7. Well, I never had you down as blonde in my head! I always thought of you as being pale with dark hair and pink cheeks
  8. Try Christine at the fitness club gym on surrey street in town she is very good, or try beauty care on sharrow vale rd, also meant to be good although I haven't had one there myself
  9. can you give more info on this please?
  10. sorry, that was what I meant, the tattooist would be the one breaking the law, sorry if that was not clear. Obviously it is unlikely to be reported, as both parties are likely to be in agreement - one wants a tat, the other can provide it. That said I suppose it would be putting the tattooist in the weaker position in the sense that I guess it could be construed as assault or some such if they claimed to have not consented, and the tattooee in a weaker position if they have not signed a consent form and the tattooer is not insured. So, unlikely to result in any kind of conviction but I would still be wary.
  11. It is to do with the local bylaws I believe, but all places where piercing of the skin occurs (tattoos, piercings, micropigmentation etc) have to be registered and licensed with your local council and have an environmental health inspection. To offer skin piercing proecdures without being licensed and registered is working otuside the law. Take a look at the council website, or give environmental health a call in the morning
  12. Hi there, If someone offers to tattoo you at your home then unfortunately they are breaking the law, so I would be wary if someone offers this
  13. Ooh, it is hard to imagine some people. I always find it interesting that when you look at how many members there are of the forum, and how many are Sheffield based that I could be sat on the bus or in a cafe next to someone I was arguing with/agreeing with only hours before and we would never know! Never met any of these people (that I know fo anyway) and please don't take offence. I imagine jaberwocky as being a bloke, red hair, 30 something chem1st I imagine as being a 50 something bloke with a relativey nice though ageing car medusa I imagine as having long dark hair and favouring hippy type clothes Plain talker, in my head, is quite short and slightly rounded woman with really smiley cheeks phanerothyme (or however it is spelled) I imagine as being a tall thin man, late twenties, with jaw length straight dark hair and dark eyes and slightly olive skin boyfriday I imagine looks like hermes off futurama halibut I think would be a middle aged man who likes short sleeved shirts anyway I had best stop now or I may offend someone! Are any of these even remotely accurate?
  14. No, first I would talk to the parent you suspect of having the affair. You may be mistaken and if you went straight to the other parent could cause problems. If they ARE having an affair I would encourage them to sort themselves out, either quite the affair or the marriage and stop hurting people. Also point out to them, if your suspicions are correct that if you have notced others will have too
  15. Ok, so not talking about myself, but I can see instances where a person who was severely disabled may need to claim more in benefits than the average typical wage. People who have long term disabilites often have to pay for their own care needs to be met. The level of support offered by the state is surprisingly low, and there are very few residential centres for people with long term problems - and mostly even these have to be paid for by the individual. The "Care" element of DLA is paid for that reason - to pay for the care that individual requires, for example for someone to come in to their home several times a day and help them dress, prepare food, read their mail, help them wash or clean their house etc - any number of tasks that the able bodied can easily do for themselves. The "mobility" element of DLA is to pay for the associated mobility costs eg wheelchairs or buggies, a guide or assistant to accompany them out of the house, someone to drive them or escort them, taxi fares to medically related appointments etc. If they are not able to work and are claiming them they will also be able to claim income support and housing anf council tax benefit, depending on their circustances. DLA is tiered, meaning that those who get the higher rates of care and mobility are the ones that need it. If someone is claiming carers allowance for looking after them, the amount of DLA is reduced. I think, under those conditions, if the overall amount the claimant recieves is over the average weekly wage then it is not an issue to me. I cannot think of anyone who would rather have the disability and a few quid than have their health and be able to do the normal things taken for granted, like go to the toilet unaided, get dressed, be without pain, be able to see or hear, be able to walk etc and live on a normal wage.
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