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  1. Hi hillsbro, John Arthur Spring was my grandfather (died before I was born). I remember visiting 'auntie' Spring fairly regularly at Wilson Gumperts when she was shop manager. My Dinky toy collection (sadly long gone) was largely accumulated as a result of these visits. Here's a link to a photo showing Lizzie Spring in the garden at the aforementioned Station Road: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cocuU6aSa6jlSnKoBVT1m-9F8cSDcmrl
  2. Back Lane was mentioned a while ago. I used ti spend hours there as a kid with my Gran's shop being on Totley Rise, so I thought I'd have a look on Google Earth - bloody hell, where's the field gone? Somebody's gone and built houses there! Was it Thompson's who owned the field? Must have been worth a bit. I remember pigs being in the field, not sure if they had cows as well. Looks like I might have to revisit to reminisce - it's been at least 50 years since I was last there.
  3. Did you ever explore the ruins down next to the railway line I can remember these ruins but never actually found out what they were ruins of. I do remember that there were many train warning devices lying about: these I think were placed on the train tracks, and exploded emitting a loud bang when a train ran over them. I assume it was some kind of fog warning? Regarding the fields just prior to the woods, we spent many a happy hour sliding down the embankment on sheets of cardboard. No X boxes and Ipads then!
  4. Another teacher springs to mind - fuzzy Forsdyke. There were less teachers because the classes were larger than these days. We averaged around 45 per class in the late 50s. I also stood on 'the mat' a couple of times (can't remember why).
  5. HI Paul, TCS - Totley cow sheds? I can't add any more teacher's names except to say that I think MIss Willoughby became Mrs Poyser at some stage.
  6. As far as I remember, Mrs Gascoigne was the (very surly) dinner lady. The school meals were atrocious - lumpy mashed potatoes, carrots and turnips (everything was mashed), and who could forget semolina and 'frogspawn'. She would only let us leave one item on our plates so it became a work of art to hide one lump of mashed garbage under another.
  7. I have an old motherboard complete with similar bracket.
  8. Dreb, Found this in edition no.285 of the Totley Independent (July/August 2005): "148 - Linfoot and Smilie-Doctors Surgery. There must be lots of memories out there - do write in and tell us." Not much to go on but at least it confirms the existence of Dr. Linfoot.
  9. Dreb, Dr. Pettigrew's practice was as you remember, but I think Dr. Crawford was further up Baslow Road towards Mickley Lane.
  10. Have discovered today loads of photos on ' Picture Sheffield ' that will be of interest to anyone who's posted in this thread. Thanks for the link Dreb, brings back some memories. Looking through these photos, S22600 is described as 'Train Crash, Dore and Totley Station 09/10/1907', yet shows a diesel locomotive involved. I vaguely seem to remember this particular crash, which I think occurred in the early 60s around Totley Brook Road area. There are photos of the actual 1907 crash e.g. S0377.
  11. Yes, he went to Abbeydale in the year above us. He spent some time in the Navy after school and eventually ended up buying himself out. Remembered Dougie's name now - Cookson.
  12. Dreb & Bellers Janet Fletcher lived on Dobcroft Rd., had a crush on her at one time but it was quite a trek from Totley. I used to hang around with Cookie quite a bit; we spent a couple of weeks on the Broads with Brian Hitchcock, Dougie (forget his other name) and Stuart Hobson - you'll know him Bellers, from Abbeydale. Just to set the record straight, my Gran owned the shop on Totley Rise.
  13. I could also give you a name and number if interested. Not sure of exact cost but he will give lessons at your home.
  14. Hi Paul - you'll remember Mrs Gascoigne then, the fuhrer of the dining room. We were only allowed to leave one item so we had to cover the lumpy taters with the revolting mashed turnip.
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