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  1. its karl black knight from shiregreen wa normly out wi aidy road rash
  2. is there any still on from around 1996 onwards ant bin on in years dnt fink id know many na ??
  3. it looks buisy down there just gone past on me way home !!!!
  4. ye will do hes always on msn ! no worries:D
  5. ye i met a few of them lyke evon night nurse n jaibait n others to many to mention lol! me n aidy use to drive past em first i knw it sounds horrid but they wer sum sites on rig lol:hihi:
  6. i was talkin to aidy (roadrash ) lastnite n he rememerd u lol
  7. geeeees there still on tday they av bin on sum years na lol makeing me feel old na
  8. ye aidy roadrash !!wat wa your handle ?
  9. just thought of sum more lol scattman jailbate fatboy cobramaster robocop mother eileen jolleen from manner drummer boy (jamie)
  10. me and road rash aidy always use to b mobile in them places
  11. o ye n !!! peach tipex (nikki) nite nurse flower man (lee) horny devil tinkerbell shag nasty
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