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  1. RIP - awful news. I use the roads around here, West Street etc quite a lot at rush hour, as a 'rat run' to get down to Eccy Road area. What I will say is that the road sense of the foreign students in particular is awful. They regularly just walk out into the road. Chinese/HK /Far East students in particular. The roads connecting West and Division street are notorious for it.
  2. Stupid idea. If someone is daft enough to break into my house to try and find some car keys, I'm not going to make it difficult for them. Would you rather have someone walking round your house in the middle of the night, or lose a metal box that is insured. I leave my keys on the side. People have far too much of an emotional attachment to cars. Same with dogs, where some people talk to the like humans. Rather than hide the keys, just secure the house.
  3. Very odd. Branches, especially the small ones, are a thing of the past. You will have to travel to city centres to pay cheques in. And cheques won't exist in 5 years anyway. People forget that a lot of banking is free. You don't pay for your account, direct debits, cash card, payments, call centres etc. I've got a better idea than changing banks every 2 minutes. Move with the times. And if you're waiting for banks to 'open up a branch locally' I would suggest their is more chance of platting fog.
  4. Moving banks because branches are closing is utterly pointless. All banks will be shutting branches. Old ladies queuing in branches don't make banks money, and they are not a charity. Simple as that. Move banks for other reasons, but not as a result of branch closures. I'd also question why people need to go in a branch at all.
  5. People are losing their jobs. The same people that keep pubs, sandwich shops, the high street etc in business. The same people that buy houses, add value to the local community and pay an awful lot in tax. It's that tax that pays the benefits of your type, allows you to faff all day on the internet, get fat, and get free health care. Think on.
  6. Never been a branch in Deepcar, and Stocksbridge closed years ago. Penistone closure also announced this week.
  7. If you'd left you're League 1 season ticket unattended I reckon you'd be fairly safe in the knowledge it would still be where you left it. Bladesmad culture, init.
  8. I work in town and pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime, and it's like a slalom course trying to avoid these herberts. The whole thing is out of control. Anything from pandas in Botswana to Big Issue sellers near Orchard Square. Sick and tired of them all. I'd ban all professional charities and just stick 1p on Income Tax, and call it charity tax.
  9. Thanks for that. As a rough guide, what do they charge per lintel? We've got around 15 to 20 to sort. Bugger of a job, but needs doing.
  10. Bought an old Georgian property, which needs new windows. Sorted that out, but the stone lintels above, and below the windows are painted white, and I'd like to bring them back to the original stone. Any ideas? Looking for the easiest and cheapest option.
  11. Quite worrying that those making the decisions to close schools, after 1.2 inches of snow, are in control of our children's education. Kind of sets a defeatist example for the youth of today. A better idea, considering the forecast, would be to suggest everyone gets up a bit earlier. Or is that too much like hard work?
  12. Sheffield Council should be ashamed. This lad can't get his Chicken Bhuna. It's a disgrace.
  13. Just park in Paradise Square or Campo Lane and walk up. 2 minutes walk.
  14. I've done my cruciate twice, and had it put back together by Bickerstaff, and Paul Sutton. Sutton was excellent, and the new (relatively) procedure is an epidural, as opposed to full anaesthetic. A bit weird, but far better.
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