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  1. I didnt get a reply either Spookey.bsarider
  2. have another look in that shed
  3. i would also be interested in the bike what year is it?
  4. If anyone needs to know what vehicle rallys are taking place during 2009 a first class guide is the Morgans Historic& Classic vehicle events yearbook. its published by the Rotary club of Yorks Vikings and costs £3.50 and lists over 800 vehicle events. telephone 01347 878198 all proceeds go to charities. typical event for March 09 local to here 8th South yorks transport museum open day 8th Newark autojumble 14th York autojumble 13th April trolley bus museum sandtoft 12th April elsecar museum vw megameet. its worth the £3.50. bsarider
  5. Has anyone got an old motorbike Lurking in their shed that they would like to part with I need a new restoration project.bsarider
  6. It looks like Hesley Wood Scout and Guide camp at Chapeltown
  7. It looks like a Singer SM roadster from 1951-1956 although its missing its front bumper bsarider
  8. My dog loves "Potted Dog" we give it him to mask the taste of his tablets he doesnt realise that he is actually eating Dog!! or does he.
  9. just finished this thread off have a look at the first thread.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I visited the Sandtoft Trackless museum which still has a Rotherham trolleybus is still running,its a good day out especially for the kids there's a santa special coming up. http://www.sandtoft.org.uk/opendays/stleger.shtml#attractions
  11. I have spoken to Mr Marshall and he thinks Alfred Tomlinson live on Broadfield Road,Healey S8 in the 1952/3 period can anyone confrim this from kellys etc.al
  12. I have sent the details to Mr Marshall to see if he recognises either address. thanks will keep you all posted.
  13. he may be the one thanks for the reply,is the "Kellys" business names only?
  14. Does anyone know an ALFRED TOMLINSON(TOMMO) from Sheffield ,we think he worked in the steel industry as a metalurgist this is a follow up question from "Do you know this Person" which was finally answered with complete success with all the forums help.He will be in his 80 by now and is the third owner of the bike. BSARIDER.
  15. just to bring it to the top before its lost in time the final answer is on item 1.
  16. It was a really good show,free to enter just contact wentworth castle for next year and they will put you on the list. The next and nearly last of the year is at Sandtoft Bus museum its a big show and only £4.00 entry for a car and 2 people it also gives you access to all the museum and free bus rides lots of cars and bikes there, just google sandtoft bus museum. what we could do with is a better information service for all things cars and bikes, i notice theres not many replys to threads on shows etc maybe the site needs some reorganisation its all the same sticky thread stuff. alan
  17. This Sunday Sept 28th is a really good classic car meeting at WENTWORTH CASTLE thats near Hoyland,nice grounds and gardens SUNDAY 10am to 4pm ish google Wentworth castle for entry prices to view.
  18. well here is the answer, its taken from the junction of hollindale drive with number 79 to the back of you, the lampost is still there with a new top on it , the house behind has been extended as most have in the area.The owner in the photograph is now aged 82 and is being reunited shortly . he sold the bike sometime around 1953 to a chap called Alfred Tomlinson(known as TOMMO). so is that a new posting. al
  19. well, the story is even more interesting,I have two people who remember having the bike in the family one the first owners nephew and the other who is still active and i am going to speak to shortly and try and repatriate him with the bike. who knows the star may get involved its a good story. al
  20. Duffens, thanks you are the one(jose marinio) I now have the name in the photo and its location. I just need permission to publish the name but can tell you the photo was taken on Hollindale Drive at Intake Sheffield so i wonder if it still exists. The owner is 81 and 4 years ago his son tried to reunite him with the bike. The owner saw his photo in the star and his son has taken it from there. there is now another person to trace so i will put up another posting when this one is complete. thanks again everyone!!!
  21. just an update, I asked sheffield star to publish the picture as suggested by another forum member well i have been away for a few days and it must have been published in the star this weekend did anyone see it? I have had one reply who will i hope call back later with some more information.
  22. 21 Sept kompu sports ground 28thSept wentworth castle 19 Oct sandtoft bus museum 26Oct doncaster air museum please find out about these dates yourself as these have been passed onto me and are not confirmed.
  23. I have sent an email to fiona at the star so will await results thanks duffem when it stops raining i will have a look at Derbyshire Lane and Ravenscarr road/harborough Ave and report back(do i need a chaparon to these places)?
  24. thnks beaubon i will await your reply,i also thought the suggestion about the star newspaper was a good idea,is the star still with us? al
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