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  1. I didnt get a reply either Spookey.bsarider
  2. have another look in that shed
  3. i would also be interested in the bike what year is it?
  4. If anyone needs to know what vehicle rallys are taking place during 2009 a first class guide is the Morgans Historic& Classic vehicle events yearbook. its published by the Rotary club of Yorks Vikings and costs £3.50 and lists over 800 vehicle events. telephone 01347 878198 all proceeds go to charities. typical event for March 09 local to here 8th South yorks transport museum open day 8th Newark autojumble 14th York autojumble 13th April trolley bus museum sandtoft 12th April elsecar museum vw megameet. its worth the £3.50. bsarider
  5. Has anyone got an old motorbike Lurking in their shed that they would like to part with I need a new restoration project.bsarider
  6. It looks like Hesley Wood Scout and Guide camp at Chapeltown
  7. It looks like a Singer SM roadster from 1951-1956 although its missing its front bumper bsarider
  8. My dog loves "Potted Dog" we give it him to mask the taste of his tablets he doesnt realise that he is actually eating Dog!! or does he.
  9. just finished this thread off have a look at the first thread.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I visited the Sandtoft Trackless museum which still has a Rotherham trolleybus is still running,its a good day out especially for the kids there's a santa special coming up. http://www.sandtoft.org.uk/opendays/stleger.shtml#attractions
  11. I have spoken to Mr Marshall and he thinks Alfred Tomlinson live on Broadfield Road,Healey S8 in the 1952/3 period can anyone confrim this from kellys etc.al
  12. I have sent the details to Mr Marshall to see if he recognises either address. thanks will keep you all posted.
  13. he may be the one thanks for the reply,is the "Kellys" business names only?
  14. Does anyone know an ALFRED TOMLINSON(TOMMO) from Sheffield ,we think he worked in the steel industry as a metalurgist this is a follow up question from "Do you know this Person" which was finally answered with complete success with all the forums help.He will be in his 80 by now and is the third owner of the bike. BSARIDER.
  15. just to bring it to the top before its lost in time the final answer is on item 1.
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