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  1. Does anyone remember the name of the local rockabilly band that used to play at lots of events and venues in the 80s and would also setup on fargate or hole in the road and busk ?
  2. It's the 3rd time in 2 weeks our broadband has stopped working Getting totally fed up with this
  3. Why not ....do you have any photos from then ??
  4. Remember doing the relief there for a couple of weeks Richard ??? Good times
  5. Does anyone know what happened on Meadow Street tonight Loads of police etc .police blue tape everywhere and loads of people stood watching Then next time I passed it had all gone
  6. It was at the bottom of gleadless road heeley
  7. Thanks Ash i will get in touch after christmas Ive had the license for 18 months but just haven't used it Cheers
  8. No not at all Ive seen black cabs for sale including plate so why not private hire
  9. Cant i buy a car with the private hire plate aready on it ??
  10. Im looking at buying a private hire vehicle after christmas if anyone is selling one or knows of one for sale
  11. Not sheffield i know but we sell them at the bakery stall in rotherham inside market 6 days a week
  12. Thanks for your replies Unfortunately it was dead when we went to it this morning
  13. has anyone lost a racing pigeon ???? a racing pigeon has flown into our garage in s6 and is either very tired or hurt does anyone know who to contact
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