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  1. Which Cawthornes? I remember Bill who lived down off Margetson! I also went to school with his daughter Lisa, is this the same family?
  2. I can remember some of the names and deffo know the places, but I am a bit young, I can remember my ma and pa tellin' about the piklet man and plumbers mobile, do you know of my parents? I to now live in Chesterfield, very much like Parson cross when I was young, I used to live on Wordsworth Ave and indeed my ma still does!
  3. I wish I could have showed this too our old fella, I bet he would have known all the little scruffy faces in the picture, I bet he would have chased most of 'em!!!
  4. there is one on Facebook market place for £20!
  5. Yes I remember Anthony Fairbrother, he was a year or so older than me at school. his sister Jacqueline was in my year!
  6. Super Blade was Duggie, and I aint seen punch drunk, darryl fielding on there his mate.
  7. I remember Ada and Sonny, My gran lived at 414, who is your mum? I don't remember your dads name!
  8. I knew Walt he was Barbara's partner, I know Bob wright and Shaun and Scott, I used to work in colley club years ago behind the bar and collecting glasses! My grandma also lived on Deerlands just before Adlington round about(Cross side of it)
  9. I used to work with Mary Dexter, she was glass washer at colley Club, her daughter married Paul Cosgrove(Cozzy).
  10. Sorry found 'em catticks family, got dangled off the waltzer a few times by her brothers Darren and ?. but she wasn't the only Randy Mandy!!
  11. Well you got me covered, and i remember quite a few and eyeballed quite a few, my first eyeball I think was 'A town called malice' in the breakers cub opposite kelvin, what a looker she was stunning but there was a big age gap (I was 15 she was about 21) so it wasn't to be!!! I didn't see any Randy Mandy's that I knew, she had a sister called Juicey friut, that was just one of several!!!
  12. I went when it was Steeleys on a Sunday Afternoon rollerskating, I also went when it was Roxy's, saw frank Bruno lose to Mike Tyson on the screens in there, Roxy's was the best, but if it was so good as we all remember why did it close down?? Most Pubs and clubs reinvent themselves a couple of times before closing, Roxy's never did it just closed and stopped being. I once saw plans for that part of Sheffield town centre, it was rufurbishment plans and Roxy's never featured, I wonder if it was due the same fate as the old ABC cinema, but it didn't get demolished before the project was shelved!??
  13. see i was only 7 at the time so, i can't remember that much!
  14. go on then the bloke in the front row with a 2 on his arm and a 3 on his shorts, if it isn't Stan Sharpe then give us a clue!!!
  15. It was a bunch of thugs, there off the Cross what else do you expect?
  16. Thanks Bushbaby and jabber, nice to know there are still genuine people still out there!!!
  17. Yes it was his funeral on the 5th November, he was poorley for only 7 weeks! he had a good turn out young and old!! Most people from the Parsons Cross turned up, they even had a free bar for a couple of hours.
  18. It actually starts up Foxhill has a spring and it is known as the Black dike, that's what it is called on all ordinance survey maps!!! I lived at the side of it for 20 years and my mum still lives there today, sadley my dad passed away a couple of weeks ago but he lived at the side of it for nearly 60 years, and it comes under the old Alan Ponds garage it was piped off in the 50's. apperently there was a young lad killed at the time when two pipes rolled together and squashed him!!!!
  19. The Stantons and the Sheldons were champions at "bullroar"
  20. went in the PX when it was the Chaucer school festival a few weeks ago, WHAT A <deleted>, you could breed fleas, sticky carpets bad decoration the lot. It was about five years ago I gave up DJing in the cross, it was never the best but, it certainly has gone down hill!
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