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  1. look forward to receiving the order for the trophies as usual Richard
  2. I could probably cope a couple of nights but im sure the novelty would wear off He knows we are chatting about him, ive just told him on FB!. Told him we wont name names.
  3. his photos are terrific. Thing is, he is not the sort of guy you would imagine to be scared witless and has nothing to gain by telling lies
  4. I remember him once saying that something hovered above him on the ceiling and also came up behind him and screamed in his ear
  5. yes, i have the same guy as a facebook friend, i wont name names didnt he recently call the police about the crying and shouting and they couldnt find the source of it either? i notice people keep asking him if they can stay for the night. I'd be up for it!
  6. just seen this on facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=430424117038807&set=a.371535629594323.88228.371041732977046&type=1&theater
  7. link to the Norfolk Comp FB group http://www.facebook.com/groups/7032310727/ also a link to a very good thread on sheffieldhistory of which I (wayneybabes) and DaveH share some wonderful memories http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/5474-norfolk-school-arbourthorne/
  8. good grief, totally forgot about this thread!!!, a year and a half ago many thanks BWMosborough. As i dont know the lady who was getting married, i will ask the person who asked me to enquire on here if they know whether they looked at this thread and contacted you!. The lady in question who asked me said she would watch this thread so hopefully she saw your post and passed it on! @ DerbyTup, i had never heard of BWMosborough otherwise i would have asked!
  9. it re-opened for the festive period, i went in with the kids to spend thier xmas money
  10. sorry to all other posters on this thread most of you users on here require engraving to be done locally and as cheap and quickly as possible which is something we pride ourselves in, but i am not going to sit quietly while a 'competitor' feeds you all what could be 'hear say' about football clubs experiences with ourselves and Rockingham Trophies. without giving instances of prices etc, SportsTrophy has no substance in his claims that he provides a better service. He may provide a better service, who knows?, but if he would just answer my questions, i would let it go.
  11. dont bother, you will not be welcome, either here or at Glossop Trophies
  12. you are not answering my questions though Michael How are you a better service? What are your private engraving prices/timescales? What engraving machine do you use? and what the heck are you on about the student games in 91?????
  13. now you are not making sense, enlighten me? and why are you just editing your post instead of adding a new one? oh, and for your information Michael, we bought the business in 1997, so 6 years after the student games, and have gone from a back street shop with around 500-1000 trophies on display to a showroom in the wicker arches in a prominent position, with 5-6000 trophies on display
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