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  1. :George Barnsley and Sons Ltd. (founded 1836) They were in Cornish Place on the Don and specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers. One George Barnsley was Master Cutler in 1883.: 15 10 08 we gain access, what a joy time has stood still here http://www.flickr.com/photos/0742/sets/72157608084517343/ are the images we took. Note for scrapers and others this place is well secure has cctv all over the place and we was there with an invite..
  2. found me self 40 pounds on me way back from a freenose gig, was mellow as ****, 2 20 pounds on the pavement, no way i was giving that to the police. no you did the right thing, it all depends dose it not, you are right so easy to the wrong thing but in time you will be paid back, you might find 40 pounds, and i hope it was some student who dropped it..
  3. Harold Saxton Burr (neuro-anatomist) discovered the electro dynamic force fields of living organisms. He showed each species and subspecies of plant has its own pattern. He scientifically proved that trees show a daily rhythm, minimum in the early morning and maximum in the evening. Their bio electrical fields react to the phases of the moon and the solar cycle. Trees show an annual rhythm, minimum in april and maximum in september. Tree hugging is good for you.
  4. welcome. you have said it all From a student themselves and i was being anti student?, no just giving the facts and is not a shame there all like 802218? or even bother to make the effort there guest of Sheffield, and should act as so, there representatives of Students and should act as so, some are not here for study and there the ones who **** it up for locals and it seems there follow students..
  5. you would be surprised on how easy it would be to hide them, i have a need for them at times (not for nicking bikes) and have been gob smacked at the ease i have walked around with them and there f-ing big.. there has been a lot in this area, a group of people i know wired there bikes together with an alarm, little gets come began to cut wire and we will leave the rest to your own thoughts, they have not been back since, i lock mine in the train station itself, and the bus station, other times i take of the front wheel and strap it to my rucksack. plus i have 2 good heavy locks, people who nick bikes are scum and need a good ill let that be to your thoughts..
  6. All public relations, have you been in Sheffield City Center when there out an about? i desire not to sound out of hand but this dose rile me a little, in summer we have little or no police (i live on west street) and no real incidents, students back and over policing, not to protect us but them, i know a serving police person and they have told me such, i have been in city center meetings and been told it is only youth and self expression, no matter how long how hard you complain it is not herd, and to be frank there a commercial interest and believe me when i say this, this comes first to anyone living in the city center and i can not move neither would i move, action needs to be taken, not just public relations ******** because that's all this is..
  7. i was born and bread here my love, so darling they can be anti social, commit crimes? be aggressive and abusive to locals and we have to move? what about live and let live, there welcome but they have to at least think of others ie local people, i joke not i have gone away for 2 weeks as been in Sheffield this time of year is hell, neither the police or both uni will nowt about there actions, but local people doing what there doing we would be nicked, what about some equilibrium here?
  8. One up side then? i left Sheffield for 2 weeks let the buggers arrive get drunk **** puke and sometimes **** over Sheffield. Leave them to thinking us locals are here just for directions, no we don't mind if you push in front of us, what you was stood at the bus stop for an age and did not realise you need to pay? of course they love a debate but with the bus driver? (we do not mind we are surplus people) your aggression is also welcome and of course if it was us working class the police would nick us fro drunken behavior, never mind you are in a residential area screaming and shouting, yes that traffic cone is there for you to let of fireworks, of course park on the pavement. Summer Time in Sheffield is good when you are not here, but welcome.
  9. Have you been in prison? the people who do this job are in simple words just people who to be frank are failed police men and would you trust most of them?
  10. Ho! Ho! As you will know I have no time for the Prison Officers Union but this is a hoot. The POA has put down a resolution at this week’s TUC confrence calling for a general strike against government pay policy. This has really put the skids under the phony rhetoric of union leaders like Woodley who bluster away but do nothing - TUC chief BRENDON BAMBI is already denouncing the resolution as illegal. Let’s hope the POA gets a chance to put their motion - then we can see the union leaders wrigglingon the hook and the screws all banged up for illegally striking. No lose situation.
  11. The Soundhouse is the latest in a series of University developments in the Portobello area of Sheffield Formerly occupied by Victoria Works and the University of Sheffield´s Portering Services the building is situated on the eastern side of Gell Street, close to the junction with Leavy Greave Road It will cover a total of 450 square metres over three floors and will provide practice studios, rehearsal spaces and recording rooms for the University´s Department of Music, The building, which has been designed by architects <a href="http://www.careyjones.com/content/pages/">www.careyjones.com/content/pages/</a>, will look like a black quilted cube or `music box´ and is a bold and simple design that aims to reflect the existing inventiveness in the Portobello area. It will be clad in sound insulating black rubber to prevent noise entering or escaping the building, much like the inside of a recording studio. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3120/2838763675_fdf98e91de.jpg?v=0 http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3266/2839594386_f701988898.jpg?v=0 What do you think?
  12. The incline would be about right looking at the lay of the land as it stands now, and thanks for the links and info people.. That page is bookmarked, a day out at Sheffield archives i guess..
  13. He leaves the pub when one is there, and he lives on London Road could be why he is there or getting cheep anti ageing cream?
  14. We've now heard no end of speculation about how the tinsley towers were dropped, ranging from aliens hitting them from outer space with high energy particle beams to them being knocked over by hijacked aeroplanes ... Apologise to the 8,24 truthers, if we sound cynical, but i've seen loads of controlled demolitions, and given that the debris from the towers landed pretty well in their own footprints, then it will take something other than wild, nay almost childish theories to convince us that the official story is not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ... Having said that though, we will debunk here and now, one particularly pernicious rumour that is currently circulating; the one that states that whilst explosives may have been responsible for crumbling the towers' concrete skins, explosives could not have possible taken out the towers' numorous internal fixtures and fittings ... To this WE say: # i. the english heritage (listing) adviser's report, dated 10 march 2008 clearly states that: # "All bar one pipe in one of the towers has been stripped out from the cooling towers" [1] # We have no problem with believing this -- we think jacqui spliff is on to something when she suggests that poverty may lead to larceny ... and given what thatcher and macgregor did to this area, we find it very difficult to believe that even one pipe was left, unless of course, it was made of plastic # ii. Even if the internal structure of the towers' had been composed of 47 steel box columns and designed to withstand all kinds of loads, bends and sheers, then it still doesn't matter does it, one can design blasting patterns, with staggered detonation, to cut and burn and collapse all the internals out of the way [cf 2] ... In conclusion, we will try our uppermost to keep an open mind as to how and why the towers were dropped, but we will take no truck from any idiologue no matter what political persuasion or inside leg measurement, and shall submit my final report to the powers that be within seven years of the date of the incident in question
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