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  1. Location lost/found: S6 Further details My brown tabby cat called Alfie went missing Sunday morning from Warner Road s6. Has anyone seen him or spotted a dead or injured cat around this area? Could people have a look in their garages & sheds please.Ring 2322561 if you spot him thank you Jill Want to get in touch? To contact this user, click on their user name to access the Email or Private Message forms.
  2. Fetish Fairy, What years did you go to Hillsborough School? My kids went there from 1990 to 1998.
  3. This sounds so familiar!Only I didn't do the Daisy very often but had loads of friends who did. We always used to catch the late night bus home.I used to love it as it was always the same people on the bus!So if you were on your own because your mates had pulled you always had someone you knew on the bus. I used to cath the one which did Stannington,Wisewood & then down to Middlewood.I was the last one of all my mates to get off!! Which was your late night bus?
  4. Hiya I think it was down near Newhall Rd where the new pdsa is now.My dad talks about it all the time but he seems to forget that I didn't live down there so I don't know it.
  5. Hiya Does anyone have any memories about living in Liverpool Street in the 30's & 40's please. My dad was born & grew up down there,his surname his Grayson.His mum was called Beatrice & his grandad was called Israel. Thanks
  6. Hiya I can still remember that my walk to school seemed to take a lifetime.I used to go down that cobbled gennel(which was a nightmare in winter).Then we had these massive wide stone steps to go down which curved round at the bottom.Accross a wooden railway bridge which used to shudder when a train passed under,down a load of wooden steps,then some stone steps & finally up & down a couple of roads & into Hillfoot School.It had a massive playgrond with a climbing frame in the top left hand corner!I can still smell the dinners cooking now! Happy Days!!
  7. Hiya If your surname is or use to be Walker then my mum & dad use to take me down to your mum & dads house which if I remember rightly was on Vale Rd.We lived further up at number 78.
  8. Hiya I've lived on the Winn Gardens for about 20 years & yes we've had our ups & downs but it is not that bad!If it was I would have moved off years ago but we have even bought our property.Where ever you go these days you will find trouble bits so I say better the devil you know!!
  9. Hiya I can recommend a very old friend of mine who has a driving scool.He started off on his own & now as several people working for him. It's called JDM.Not sure how much he charges & his name will be in the phone book but I can asure you he is a really,really nice bloke. Look him up & give him a call. Hope you do ok.
  10. Hiya I haven't got any relations by those names but apparantly there were loads of Graysons who lived down Attercliffe(which we found out when researching the family tree)I'll mention it to my dad because he might remember them anyway. Thanks
  11. Hiya I was at Tapton in 73 to 77,so you must have been in my year!The headmaster was called Mr North,used to haunt the place.He used to frighten me to death because he used to sneak up on you.There were also Mr Pratt,Mr Hook,Mr Metcalfe,Mr Mathews(mad man)Mrs Simpson(I was in her form in the sewing room)Miss Seymour,Miss Taylor...I can remember most of them!!
  12. Hiya I went to Hillfoot from 66 to 70. Then Crookesmoor from 70 to 73. Then Tapton from 73 to 77 Had a brill time at Tapton!Wish I could go back & do it all again! Rick Savage out of Def Leppard was in my year!
  13. Hiya Goldenfleece, Did you go to Tapton,if so what year did you leave?
  14. Hiya Rosiebear, In one of your posts you mentioned the Grayson family,do you remeber any christian names?My maiden name is Grayson & I know my dad was born down there?
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