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  1. Is there anyone out there who has family connections to Beeley Street? My mum and his brothers and sister grew up on that street and lived there until the early 1930s. They all went to St. Mathias school. I know that it's a long time ago but someone's grandparents must have lived there. I would like to find out as much as I can about the people who lived there and what life was like then. I shall keep my fingers crossed so please reply asap. 😄 Grannypat
  2. If you go to www.192.com and enter his name there is one person showing up on electoral rolls 2014-2016 (I don't think the up to date ones are available yet). There is a cost involved but it isn't very much. I hope that this helps. Grannypat
  3. I think the best you could do would be to take a DNA test on either Ancestry or Find My Past. That will throw up people your husband is related to as long as they too have taken a test but even if they haven't you would find enough people to be able to try to work it out. Good luck.
  4. Is there anyone out there who attended St. Silas C of E school between 1951 and 1956? I know it's a long time ago but I would love to know what happened to you all. I know that some are sadly no longer with us but it would be great to have a catch up with those who are. Lets see how many we can find. Grannypat
  5. When I was growing up in the 1950s we had a neighbour called Clem (I won't post his surname here) and he never seemed to go out to work. He would spend most of his day stood on his doorstep, leaning against the door jamb, and just watching the world go by. So when my mum used to say not to stand there like Clem I always assumed she was referring to him. Reading the posts on here it would seem I was wrong. Grannypat
  6. Thank you gene that's worth knowing. It always costs me £9.25 every time and I, like you, have absolutely loads of them and all at that price. Wish I had known before. I haven't seen where it gave me an option. Anyway, thanks again.
  7. Thank you Runningman. I have pm you my email address.
  8. Hi biscotti, Yes I am already member of FB and also of Pictures of Sheffield & Derbyshire. The thing is that I did ask one of the people, who seemed to post lots of photos of the park, if he would be kind enough to take a photo for me. He said that of course he would. This was in the spring. I mentioned it to him again in late summer but so far nothing and I don't like to mention it again. This seemed like another way round it. Autumn is disappearing fast along with the colours. Sigh! Grannypat
  9. Is there anyone out there who has a nice photograph of the stepping stones in Endcliffe Park with the trees around them in their Autumn colours? I now live in Dorset and have done for some time so cannot take my own photo. The stones and the park hold a special place in my heart and played quite a big part in my childhood. I am wanting to do a painting for myself but need a photograph to work from. I have my fingers crossed. Grannypat
  10. It was so strange when I saw your first post as I am researching family members who emigrated to Australia around the 1965/6 time. I think their destination was Queensland. It is such a small world now isn't it? Grannypat
  11. Oh shame. Never mind. What was the reason you posted this in the first place? Are you trying to reconnect with family and friends here? I found it very interesting although I'm sure that I do not know you. Grannypat
  12. Hey Downsunder we need the rest of the story. I was really getting into it. Grannypat
  13. Old tup I have sent you a PM. Grannypat
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