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  1. Hi Pkm. Have you considered doing a DNA test on Ancestry. It's not cheap but it would seem that may be your only way of tracing any relatives. You could perhaps start by doing your family tree on Ancestry. I have been doing mine for many years and it really worthwhile especially if you are trying to find people. If you PM me with all your dad's details such as date of birth and place of birth. His parents names too if you know them and I'll see what I can find out, if anything. Grannypat
  2. I do remember Atkinson's dam Martin. Although I have to admit that I only remember ever playing there once but I think that's more because it was a bit further away than that I was posh. Me - posh!!!! 🤣
  3. Which class were you in at St. Silas/ Were you in the same class as my cousin Robert Hobson and also Paul Mangle? They were both a bit older than me. My Uncle Eric's first yard was at the far end of Bishop Street and then he moved to Young Street. I don't know the reason for that. Perhaps it was a better situation. Another name which comes to mind was Kathleen Fowler. I didn't actually know her but I remember her name for some reason. Think she lived somewhere near you? I can't think why you thought we were posh. We only lived about 100yds from you after all and went to the same school. We didn't hold up our little fingers when drinking tea either. 🤣 Perhaps it was you lot who were the posh ones?
  4. Hi Martin. I was thinking (don't laugh). You must be just a little bit older than me - say about 6 months as you weren't in our class at St. Silas so you must have been in the next class up. I think I started in September 1951 and left in 1957. If I'm honest I don't remember you from school really more from playing on Humble Road. The entrance to our yard was on Humble Road and we always used to play cricket or rounders etc at the top. We would then get moved down by neighbours after a while and would start again a bit further down until getting moved off again. You must remember.
  5. Hi Martin. Oh! I didn't realise that you had gone through that. You were very lucky. No, what I was trying to remember was, I think, Fay being burned. I'm not sure how right I am as I wasn't very old when this happened. You remember how quite often the only mirror in the house was placed over the mantelpiece? I think Fay was standing on the edge of the hearth looking thru the mirror and her dress or nightie caught fire. So pleased that you all managed to get out of your fire safe and sound.
  6. Would that I could do that walk Martin but Dorset is a little far away for that. 🤣 However, I know where you mean, I seem to recall a girl named Fay living there when I was little. So that would have been in the 1950s. Did she have an accident of some kind - something to do with the open fire in the living room? It's so long ago it's like another life. Thanks for explaining where it was Martin I appreciate that.
  7. I didn't go to Greystones school but the name Pauling Thorpe rings a bell with me. Don't know why. Anyone know where she worked after she left school or where she lived?
  8. Oh yes I remember Timbo's shop. There are some posts on here about that - I think it was Roger Bambridge if memory serves. You have to put various things in the search box and see what you can find. There are quite a few which have posts from or about our childhood area. Pat
  9. Hi Martin, Yes, my uncle Eric was a lovely man and he died way too young in my opinion but then so did my parents. Anyway, thanks for helping me work out where 34 Court would have been. I just needed to be able to picture where it was in my minds eye, if you know what I mean. Btw I have just found our Bob again after many years of lost contact. I will tell him that you have been in touch. Are you still living in the Sheffield area? Paul Mangle now lives in Clowne. I did try to contact him by 'snail mail' but with no reply. I was told by his niece, who I found on Facebook, that he doesn't have a computer and I do think that being able to use a computer makes a heck of a difference to your life. I don't remember a Terry Marshall but ask me about other people you remember from the area back then and perhaps I may be able to help update you about one or two. I seem to remember someone saying that you had a driving school? Well done you. Pat
  10. Thanks everyone who offered their help. I have found him and we are back I touch after a great many years. I am so pleased. Thanks again. Grannypat
  11. Martin, I am doing my family tree and I just remembered that my great grandparents lived on Young Street back around 1930s. They lived at 34 Court Young Street (that's what it say's on the certificates anyway). Could you tell me whereabouts that was on Young Street? Which side of the road. My mum and her first husband also lived on Young Street when they were first married and I suspect it was probably in that same house as my great grandparents died in the early 1930s. My uncle, Eric Hobson, had his car repair yard near the bottom of Young Street on the right hand side going up. I don't know what numbers that covered. Grannypat
  12. Martin Windle I remember you well. I doubt you will remember me though. Bob Hobson is my cousin??? I lived on Hurst Road and Bob lived on Michael Road. You used to come round to Humble Road to play now and then. I did put a post on here before trying to find some of the kids I grew up with but with only a modicum of success. I found three of the girls but none of the boys replied. It's such a shame as we are none of us getting any younger and I just thought that it would be lovely to just be in touch again. It's funny but the older I get the more I seem to look back on those early years. Anyway, thank you for replying and it's lovely to be back in touch even if you can't remember who I am. ☺️ Grannypat
  13. I lived just off the bottom of Ecclesall Road. The whole area has changed completely. When I went back about 4 years ago it brought tears to my eyes. Everything has changes even the roads don't run in the same direction and there's a whopping great Manpower building which would have been almost in our back yard. So sad.
  14. Thanks for your reply DameClara and yes I have and it agrees with an address given to me by Duffems in a PM so I have written a letter. Nothing to do now but sit back and wait with my fingers crossed. I have to say though that over the years I have found 192.com very useful. Stay safe.
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