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  1. Hi Trevor, sorry to say that I do not remember you but as you will see from the previous post you joined the school at about the same time as I left it. It's funny though that I recognise some of the surnames you mention but that's probably because they had older brothers or sister who were in my class. Linda Carnell, Susan Mullins, Brenda Moseley and Elaine Ashton. Grannypat
  2. Hi Robert. Were you in the same class as David Michael Gott? He is also a member on this site and now lives in Canada if you should want to re-connect.
  3. Captain Carlson and The Flying Enterprise which was sinking not far away from Falmouth. He refused to leave his ship even though it was in very real danger of sinking. I understand that this was January 1952 when I was 5 years old. It fascinated me. Grannypat
  4. Kazza if you go to www.192.com and enter Graham A. Johnson in Sheffield there is one. He is married to an Annette Johnson but if you want to know his address you have to pay for that info but it isn't expensive. Grannypat
  5. Were any of you members of the Prelude Club held at Sheffield United clubhouse back in the 1970s? IT doesn't seem to still exist but I suppose it was of it's time. Anyone know when it closed? Grannypat
  6. I did try to PM you but it said that you were unable to receive them. You should, perhaps, have a look into this as PMs can sometimes be useful. You have received some really good advice above. The members on here are always so helpful when you call upon them for their help. Sheffielders you see - salt of the earth. Grannypat
  7. I tried to send you a PM but it says you can't receive messages. Is that right? Grannypat
  8. Another site which I have always found very helpful is www.rootschat.com The people on there are always willing to offer advice and in some cases will go out of their way to help you search. I think that you will find that researching your family tree will become addictive. One word of caution though - you MUST get certificates. Not for everyone and everything but for strategic ones as it is very very easy to go off on a tangeant and find that you lose YOUR thread altogether and then you continue researching the wrong family altogether. The sad thing is that you wouldn't realise that that's what you've done. Also if you find someone else is researching the same branch as you do not just accept their research as valid without checking it first. For instance on Ancestry Public Members Trees I have found quite a few trees over the years which have the wrong information on them. So get certificates and check other peoples research info. I hope that you enjoy doing this but I'm sure that you will. Grannypat
  9. I think I'm a few years before you. I worked at the Co-op from 1962 to 1967 ish. This is probably why I don't remember you. Did you know Hazel Walch? I had an uncle who worked at the Co-op funeral department. Ask your father in law if he remembers Alwyn Stevenson? Also my mum worked at Hoffmans on the pumps for a while back in the late 50s early 60s. The Continental was probably not exactly across from The Locarno but there was a bit of waste ground by the side of it. There was a sort of step across the inside of the window where people used to sit and it was known as the Continental shelf. I'm wondering if it had a change of ownership and changed it's name after I moved out of the area. Grannypat
  10. Is there anyone out there who has family connections to Beeley Street? My mum and his brothers and sister grew up on that street and lived there until the early 1930s. They all went to St. Mathias school. I know that it's a long time ago but someone's grandparents must have lived there. I would like to find out as much as I can about the people who lived there and what life was like then. I shall keep my fingers crossed so please reply asap. 😄 Grannypat
  11. If you go to www.192.com and enter his name there is one person showing up on electoral rolls 2014-2016 (I don't think the up to date ones are available yet). There is a cost involved but it isn't very much. I hope that this helps. Grannypat
  12. I think the best you could do would be to take a DNA test on either Ancestry or Find My Past. That will throw up people your husband is related to as long as they too have taken a test but even if they haven't you would find enough people to be able to try to work it out. Good luck.
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