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  1. Can you give me some idea what you want to play I might be able to help you out
  2. the owner of mill dam black lane is looking for a baliff anyone out there fancy it??????????
  3. Does anybody know when mill dam will be open for fishing.i went down yesterday no signs up saying when, just closed signs
  4. That's great news bill I presume it will be march April next year when it reopens
  5. As Far a's I'm aware the pond is not going to open again in the near future this info came from a balif its a shame that it has to be like this
  6. Try this number and speak to chris hes after a vocalist and he loves rock n roll07807766210
  7. It requires a new baliff. the last one got a proper job, according to Dawson fishing tackle shop
  8. I fished it a few times in may june the reason for closure Prior to this year was the death of the bailiff and problems getting a new one,but a new baliff was found and it opened around May this year ,ive been fishlesss for 4 months due to a new knee and now its shut again does anyone have info as why or who own's it,i do know it used to close for the winter months but it aint winter yet
  9. Morning i went up to mill dam the other day to have a looksee mainly because its my closest fishing pond and i hav'nt been able to go for a couple of months, the sign says closed ,does anyone know the reason for this as its only been open for 6 month's
  10. I've recently got a second hand fender p bass but its got some frett buzzzzzzz so people out there I've forgot who did my last bass so I need some names of guitar tec's:help:
  11. north sheff based covers band require/need a lead guitarist,varied music base from country to pop rock , age not that important so long as you don't mind old farts like me ,nothing too serious we now have a lead guitarist i would take this posting off if they would let me
  12. hi steve the band has moved on and im no longer with them but if i need a frt person i'll let you know regards chuggs
  13. i called in at cow gap today (wed 15 oct) and there are no notices up regarding any problems WITH CARP DISEASE just the usual DIP YOUR NET,
  14. i was down at bradleys this week and was surprised at the amount of catfish being caught i had one out myself, when these fish get bigger i hate to think of the fate of the smaller fish ,one or two catfish yes but this amount = trouble 't mill:gag:
  15. yes but no day tickets are issued to the public, you need to go with a member who has the necessary day permit
  16. There must be some lafarge members on here , if so do you know what the dates are for collecting our new membership books . ---------- Post added 13-02-2014 at 12:35 ---------- I have sorted it
  17. just got back from 3 days fishing in the lincon area boy was it quiet i reckon the fish had chartered a coach and buggered off to skeggy
  18. any chance of doing 3 hours sunday afternoon????????
  19. anyone been to bradleys ponds(troway) recently:help:
  20. i'm taking a work mate out on his first carp fishing jaunt next week and wondered what pond/lake in the sheffield area is fishing well, no need for big'uns just bog standad size carp will do,
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