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  1. Ok, to the I.d question, he never asked to see it! He was being clever with them and stated they should be at school! And no I haven't got 8 kids, jesus they went with friends! WoW anyhow I've been told he was in the wrong and getting the money back!
  2. Definately worth the hassle!! If he had no right doing it in the first place don't u think?
  3. Hahaha thanks! They still have tickets so will def be ringing them, cheeky bus driver :-O
  4. My kids are off school today, training day or whatever it is! They decided to go to the cinema, the bus driver made them pay full fare even with I.d because its in school time! Is this correct? Or unfair?
  5. Property Offered 3 bed large house Area: firth park s5 Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) house Number of Bedrooms: 3 Landlord: (Council / HA) council Any other information: Property Wanted 3 bedroom house Area: chapeltown, foxhill, ecclesfield, most other areas considered Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) house Number of Bedrooms: 3 Landlord: (Council / HA) any Any other information:
  6. It wasnt a speed trap, the crime scene investigation van was present and that many cops i lost count
  7. Anyone know whats happened? drove past at 3.30, police, crime scene van
  8. have you also thought of playing with him might give you a stronger bond and something to tlk about
  9. talk to him and tell him thats how you feel and from now on there will be rules and if he breaks them he will loose it again he will soon behave again give him a time frame like 3 hour a day and he gets to pick the 3 hour within reason ul get attitude but he will come round he needs to know whos boss before its to late
  10. that way he would get bored of it we dont have live so does not matter to us. no wounder he plays the box he does not need to see them coz there right there in his room lol if it concerns you that much dont buy the live i think its normal for him to be playing it and make him earn the money for games by doing household chores then u get to see him and he will be earning games not given them for no reason
  11. get it flashed saves alot of money in the long run and teach him how to do his own games thats what we do very cheap 50p a game
  12. compromise lol ask him what time he thinks and go half way between that way you both get a say n he is been treat like a adult teenages are the worst they always know best and like to contradict just show them u do listen and that your boss n if that dunt work turn fuse box off hehe
  13. haha my hubby lives on it and my 3 year old loves it he likes to play moto bikes n he screams when we turn it off he even knows how to set it up now we find him with it on in morning lol i know its not the same but i know id rather have my young ens on the xbox than out on the street its alot safer they will get bored of it eventually.... maybe put a rule that it doesnt go on till after tea so homework gets done and family time?? or as a reward for doing homework wont work at min mind they off on holls just a thought
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