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  1. products all above board and squeaky clean? I don't consider products containing Genetically Modified Soy, Canola Oil, MSG, artificial sweeteners e.g. sucralose, highly processed trans and hydrogenated fats, as well as artificial flavours and preservatives squeaky clean im afraid! Especially for the prices that Herbalife charge, and the detrimental physiological effects that they cause. Industry experts in health and fitness such as Rich Sennewald, Ben Coober, D.H. Kiefer, Ben Greenfield, Matt Miller all warn against them! And before you come back at me with...yeah but Ronaldo takes them and Real Madrid...Blah blah, If you paid someone extortionate amounts of money to pretend to take a product such as 'Seaweed extract' they will claim they do! Alan Shearer's biggest sponsor was McDonalds, but did he ever eat it? haha I very much doubt so. Gaining muscle boosts metabolism, yes! But meal replacement shakes for weight loss, damage metabolism and put your body in a catabolic state, hence the weight loss, but it isn't sustainable in the future. Hence why people lose weight initially when taking herbalife, but put all the weight back on and more when eating normally again. Its more the ethical side of things, and the pyramid selling concept I have a problem with, and 'distributors' who have very little to no fitness/nutrition backgrounds, then claiming to suddenly be experts, when 3 months previously they were stacking shelves. As long as there are gullible, naïve people looking for a quick fix, yes Herbalife will be around. Which really is a shame!
  2. The products are terrible, expensive and can have serious detrimental effects on your health. I'm a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer who works with patients in GP surgeries across the South East of Sheffield. You may lose weight whilst you take the products because you are essentially starving yourself as you are only taking tablets and shakes! any weight loss will be from water weight and you will lose muscle due to catabolic stresses, and in the end you will regain the weight when you eat normally, and it will have decreased your metabolism! It really is dangerous, and expensive and they pray on people looking for a quick fix! They have very little health and fitness knowledge and certainly no recognised training, they work on commission, the more they sell the more they get paid and the more their managers get paid! It's that simple, a classic pyramid selling, network marketing scheme! PT's will promote them to boost their own income, and they will send people a link to their page which will offer a slight discount if they use a code etc. It's annoying as I have worked hard for years in uni, and then additional courses for any old Joe Bloggs to become a 'rep' and advise others with often no formal or nutritional background! ---------- Post added 10-06-2014 at 11:27 ---------- Hi, inbox is now cleared out! My ideas would be a page outlining, who I am, my background and how I developed my interests and experience in Health and Fitness. I would also have a page with testimonials, which include testimonials from GP practice Managers, Professional sportsmen, as well as private clients. A page outlining some plan content, and possible pricing structure. And im also toying with the idea of a blog, although this may be a little time consuming with me going back to university. And finally a contact page. As well as the above, I'm not sure whether I need to add anything else. I certainly wont be pushing or promoting things such as herbalife or juice plus, as this is something that I am categorically against, and I would be selling my soul to the devil if I promoted said products. This wouldn't be my sole job, as mentioned it would just be a little income stream to run alongside going back to university to do a PGCE. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, I appreciate it.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, but I certainly wouldn't be interested. I get asked on a weekly basis to be a rep for Juice Plus, Herbalife etc, but I would go against everything I have worked hard at uni and believe in, if I promote products like that. As a healthcare professional these kinds of things make me livid! They pray on the naïve and often times actually cause physical damage to the patient. Genuinely scary stuff. it's frightening and false to say they are "wellness coaches" or the such like with no formal training. When I think of how hard I worked at Uni to get my degree and how hard I now have to fight daily with members of the public to advise against these schemes angers me!
  4. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and had a great weekend. Just after a little feedback and advice. I'm a qualified personal trainer and my degree is in nutrition, and something I like to do on the side are personalised nutrition and fitness plans for people. I'm going back to uni in September to do a Primary PGCE, so I wont have any source of income, only the odd shift at the gym at weekends, as i'm on the casual list. Basically I'm toying with the idea of setting up a website for the nutrition/fitness plans, and I have a friend who's a web developer and he's happy to do me a website free of charge. I was just wondering what you guys think I should include on the website, and also what you think I should charge for the plans. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. As a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist who currently works in GP surgeries across the south east of Sheffield, I really cannot stress enough to NOT do Raspberry Ketones and other things such as Juice Plusor Herbalife! Firstly, it's a pyramid selling, network marketing scheme! The "reps" often have no fitness or nutritional backgrounds and come from any walks of life! They do a little "in house training" and it suddenly makes them a wellness expert! People often lose weight whilst doing them, but most weight loss is due to water loss, or muscle tissue loss, due to putting your body into a catabolic state, and it messing with your metabolism, essentially making it harder for you to lose weight in the long run and make it sustainable! As others have alluded too, it's all about eating clean and exercising to get a negative calorie deficit to lose weight safely at a sustainable rate and more importantly keep it off. Hope the info helps, but once again don't waste your money on quick fixes such as juice plus, herbalife, bodybyvi, these wraps and any other pyramid selling network marketing scheme!
  6. Hi Evei, Thanks for your reply and the information, i appreciate it! Unfortunately i think you are right with regards to missing the boat, also the £9000 tuition fees and limited bursarys are abit of a daunting prospect too! :-/ I'm also considering a PGCE in Biology with my undergrad degree. I will certainyl look at the links you sent me, thanks once again. Scott
  7. it was how you went about it! you didnt offer any advice regarding the teaching process, or answer the original questions i asked. I posted at 1AM, with one spelling mistake and you seemed hell bent on mocking me on here! After a little look at your posting history it seems that you like to bait and troll other posters, looking for reactions and to take the mick, which i think is a bit sad really. I write articles for a website and for the Sheffield Steelers matchnight programmes, so i have a good history of writing, but feel free to critique my work if you like/ As for a sense of humour i've certainly got one, but i have no time for people who go out to mock others, especially with your history of posting on here! Its childish and pathetic. I'm guessing you meant resilience and not reslience as you put in your last line? ;-) see i do have a sense of humour!
  8. Very pedantic of you! Did you see what time my original post was? Any other advice regarding the actual teaching aspects? Or do you enjoy just being a trolling keyboard warrior hiding behind the security of a username? Thankyou to those who have actually posted with the intention of helping me, and answering the original questions rather than being pedantic and not helpful.
  9. Hi Elphi, thankyou for your reply, I appreciate the information. I've also heard that there is a shortage in maths, physics, and chemistry teachers too, but these are subjects that i dont really have an interest in and just managed to scrape C grades in GCSE's at school. I'm male, but im leaning more towards secondary/post16 than Primary. I'm hopefulyl going to start applying next week, but im just trying to gather as much information/advice this week as possible. Thanks again for your reply, i appreciate it! qnvqsos- Thanks for your reply. The website was a project for a friend of mine whilst he was at university, but now, he's married with two children, and has a demanding career, so he hasnt had time to update it. I'm not very technical minded and abit of a technophobe, but hes going to give me the codes so that i can update it, and change the spelling mistakes that are on there. But i agree it does look unprofessional, and this is something i am hoping to change soon. Thanks for the feedback
  10. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well, and have had a good Christmas and New Year. Im 25 and at abit of a crossroad, and im hoping just to sound a few ideas out, and get some opinions and hopefully invaluable advice. Im considering doing a PGCE in either secondary or post 16 education. Subject wise, im thinking either PE, or if i do post 16 a nutrition/health/sport related area. My undergrad degree is in Nutrition, Health and Lifestyles, and ive recently become a qualified personal trainer. But ive found it increasingly tough to get into the Nutrition/health and fitness industry. I also hold qualifications in Youth Work, and have done sports coaching in schools (albeit primary/junior) for the last couple of years. I have worked at a couple of chilsrens summer camps, with the latest camp i was a lifestyle leader teaching class room bassed sessions at a childrens weight loss camp. Do people think that i have another experience to gain a place on a PGCE course? I know PE is a competitive area apparently? Also, im not sure whether to go into secondary or Post16 education? If anyone has any advice or information, it would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Scott
  11. Hi everyone, thanks for your information and advice. I was in the store (Tucci) for about an hour and eventually got a full refund. I told them about the sales of goods act, and when they realised later that i voice recorded the whole conversation, i think it panicked them abit as they were being rather condescending and arrogant. Fortunately the area manager was in the store that day and i took it up with him. He basically said that thats what they refer the brand as the original 'Police' and even on their website its advertised as Police and not 883 Police. he told me to go on USC website and siad they call it Police, i went on it in store and low and behold its advertised as 883 Police. So they begrudgingly gave me a full refund! Justice done Thanks again for your advice and feedback
  12. Hi everyone, hope your all well. I bought a jacket from meadowhall a couple of week ago, and it cost me £65. I bought the jacket from an established retailer there, but i believe i was misdescribed the product. The sales advisor who sold me the jacket informed me it was a Polics Jacket (ie the people who make the sunglasses) i had no reason to doubt him as their was other well established brands in the shop such as Armani. I took the product home and upon closer inspection its a brand called 883 Police, so not the Police brand that i was led to believe. Also on their website it says Police and not 883 Police. I took the jacket back last week hoping to get a refund as it was misdescribed but the sales advisor said that they could only offer a credit note or exchange. And the sales advisor who originally misdescribed the product was in fact an actual Manager at the store and he was off on that particular day. Im going to therefore go back later today and try and get a full refund. JUst wondered if anyone had any tips or advice to help me? Regards, Scott
  13. I did a quick search before hand, but couldnt find anything to do with the price hike.
  14. Hi everyone, i had a text message from my network provider 'Orange' last week saying "We're increasing the price of your monthly plan by 4.34% from 8 january 2012" I was just wondering if anyone else has had this message? And also are Orange legally allowed to do this? Ive heard that you can get out of your contract when they do things like this? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I started volunteering at my local youth club at 17 and within a year i began my youthworker training. Very enjoyable job which i did until last summer where i got made redundant due to cutbacks in the service. But it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Maybe look into that? Good luck with your ventures
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