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  1. Hey all, we're a team part based in Sheffield who work on a stop motion brawler party-game called Clodhoppers. We do all our dev in public and builds are free for everyone on our Discord. We'd love to have a few Sheffielders join in us for some games. Please do drop by our Discord and share with your friends (local and online play). Discord: http://bit.ly/ClayDisc Video:
  2. Mobile app or use the website, but the app is useful as it gives the notifications for when a game is on. We send them out on a Monday usually and it's first come first served until we hit 14 players.
  3. You should have an invite - please edit your name in Teamer so we know who you are!
  4. Hi, What's your phone number & email address? We use an app called Teamer to do the organising and we'll add you to it. Alex
  5. We're one short tonight for our regular fun kickabout at Goodwin (Broomhill) at 9pm. PM me if anyone would like a game. Age/ability doesn't matter.
  6. We're short of a player this evening for our regular friendly game at Goodwin, Broomhill at 9pm. There is the opportunity to play relatively regularly. PM if available.
  7. We play a friendly 6/7-a-side game at Goodwin (Broomhill) 9pm Wednesdays and are a couple of regulars short due to holidays, injuries and the like. All ages and abilities welcome, 16 or 60. PM for more info. Two spaces available tonight but contact me if you'd like to play in future.
  8. Been a while since I've been in Sheffield - anyone up for drinks this evening, possibly Devonshire Cat from 9pm?
  9. Hmm, can't find anything around there at Meadowhall (looking at the map). I don't know of anything nr the fire station/I have failed with Google. Most banks gave up on safety deposit boxes recently.
  10. Anyone know of the nearest Safety Deposit Box service? Derby is my best find so far.
  11. I'm always happy to meet people socially, whether for a cuppa, drink, film or walk. Feel free to pm me
  12. I have a cat on my other puma which is off the road and retired. It's probably pretty old but it'd do the job for an mot.
  13. I have a somewhat chavvy(!) but nice little Puma which has just failed an emissions test. The previous owner removed the cat and added a race manifold, as well as an after market exhaust. So either I need a nice MOT chap or a friendly mechanic to make a few changes (happy to be a helping hand, although I've never delved this deep into repairs/changes before).
  14. Blizzard in broomhill* *also, no sign whatsoever of snow. Where is it?
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