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  1. You smoke in someone else (as you have 'sold' it) work vehicle which is against the law, you have ofset your assets, which can be seen in a court of law as a way to avoid payment of debts etc (which is exactly why you have done it and have admitted to it). It seems you have gone out of your way to avoid paying £60 for driving you vehicle in a bus lane, good job you didnt have a crash in the bus lane as insurance companies like to get out of paying out, and would surley have looked at it as though you was driving outside of your rights in your insurance, much like if you drive your car off road or on a race track
  2. Does it say that it then becomes a permament one after 18 months?
  3. Ask him to come and do a move for you and have the authorities waiting in your house, it could be a sheffield forum roque traders set up, you could be that alwright person
  4. Not all of them are, you like most of the public just assume they are!
  5. Due to the length of the bus you wouldnt be able to see much over your shoulder, unless they opend the window leaned half the body out, the mirrors have blind spots, if you are in at an angle, most likely due to a car drivers inability to park anywhere but a bus stop, all you will see out of you mirrors is down the bus not behind the bus. If only you had done the job Garlicmunch and seen what these people have to put up with everyday, i did for 4 years and i will be honest i quit to go work in retail you get less abuse taking a £2 an hour pay drop in the proccess.
  6. Id grass a mate up for same thing, just like i would if he was mugging old ladies or breaking into houses.
  7. Why dont you use the DVLA website to tip them off, they will make a trip out and want to know why he hasnt declared an uninsured vehicle as SORN.
  8. So you will be aware of blind spots then and the need to pull your front end out to open up the view behind you??
  9. Everyone has an image of bus drivers being big bad ogres that will eat the first born, if they had to drive a bus and see how reduced the views is froim the cab they may realise why some bus drivers do time pulling out wrong, especailly when a car see a bus with indicator on and speeds up to avoid getting stuck behind it! Most people who knock bus and lorry drivers havent drove anything bigger than a people carrier.
  10. Be honest though how much of the roads are taken up by bus lanes? they aint as many as soem would like you to think. plus whre are you figures from?? Taxis and bikes also use bus lanes.
  11. To be fair Hillsborugh bus gate has alot of signs to read well before all informative, even if you are not a regular drive in the area, if you miss the warnings telling you times of operation you either arent aware enought to be driving or dont think the rules apply to you. Im sure if i drove down a one way street because i didnt have time to safely read the signs i would be able to argue it is unfair.
  12. Personal choice, i wont step foot in an Asda again after bad service, people have choice if your not happy take your custom elsewhere
  13. I always let buses pull out as well as taxi's, it just seem right to let people go if you can.
  14. Its selfish people who cause the problems, the parking tickets arent enforcable so you will get people bragging about how many they have had before on here soon.
  15. It is only honour if any servicing etc is carried out at a VAT registered garage and services done in accordance to the mileage! Its sales work, so they will pester you as if they dont sell they dont get paid!
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