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  1. I said i would never log on Vidster again. I guess some things are worth logging on for. My heart goes out to Owdies family but also to his true friends on here. The SF brat pack. Kirky, Viking, Don and dare i say even JoeP to name but a few. Owdie... You made me cry tears of laughter many times with your banter whilst at the same time coming across as the most genuine bloke on the planet. We lost one of the best a few days ago. I hope they appreciate you up there as much as we did down here. My next pint goes to you and Viking. Vidster
  2. And you've never made a typo before i guess? With regards to the thread. I thought CT was sacked because she has refused to apologise in any way for saying the word Gollywog. Ross and Clarkson have.
  3. Since when were you the decision maker in what counts and what doesn't?
  4. The ambulance that flew past me at the bottom of East Bank Rd was probably en route there then. That was about 6:00.
  5. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=454590 Seems like it yeah
  6. I've just been out to the shop. Sirens galore coming from town. Helicopter out and an ambulance went flying past me. Gonna be a busy night for the blues and 2's tonight.
  7. Careful ladies. Someone got a lifetime ban on here in the last week for circumventing the language filter. I know it happens in most threads but it seems the admins will use it against you if your face doesn't fit I only managed to listen to the game on the radio today. The Blades did sound the better team but the style of football was atrocious. What's the point having a midfield if you're just going to hoof the ball right over them? Earlier in the season i was sicking up for Blackwell. I thought he was doing a great job. Now i'm not so sure.
  8. The exif data above has just about all the info
  9. I'd be happy without the forum hanging on advertising links all the time.
  10. And here was i thinking you were straight Benji boy.
  11. [Edited] Sorry to be a pain but i no longer want any of my material on this forum.
  12. I only started taking pictures a few weeks ago and already getting decent results. Most of what i am learning comes from Youtube. You'll be surprised how many tutorials there are. Already i can create loads of effects in photoshop (elements 7), and i have two pictures on Flickr's 'Explore' pages. Spend a few hours on Youtube
  13. Been there and done that many times. You'll never stop banter leaking in to every local football thread.
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