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  1. Yes I saw that he was buried with Arthur just checking to see if it was the same Arthur
  2. Do you have any parents of Arthur I will try and help Anne
  3. HOYLAND, Arthur (Ex soldier, age 49). Died at Nether Edge Hospital; Buried on July 30, 1937 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 19680, Section A6 of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield. Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: . Plot Owner: of . Find Similar in Same Grave Same Household if Available Surname Match if Available
  4. Yes Dougie would have been 68 and was at Carter Lodge but he died aged 45 from working on power stations (asbestos)
  5. Remember when they cut the corn and we used to make dens with it ooh what fun
  6. I Lived on Carr Forge Road had a Brother Dougie Chamberlain and I married Tony Maris off Carr Forge Lane left years ago and was barred from Blue Bell at 16 for dancing on table LOL
  7. Think we should all live on 52 route they come in droves
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