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  1. bus driver there was no question asked so dont know what your talking about!!!! I said that I have use of a car but prefer to take a bus and so does all the other elderly residents that dont drive.and are not good on thier legs, Think I remember you the one that couldn't smile :)
  2. I have e;mailed the local councilors and it has been passed on to councilor Leigh Bramall who is in charge of transport and he is looking into it and will get back to me I have also e;mailed the star, I would have done something sooner if I had known, I dont have a problem because I have a car but I feel strongly for the people who dont have transport. especially when the snow is on the ground, but thank you for your interest, PS I have over 200 signatures and been informed to send it to External Relations Broad street but will copy them in case they go missing Regards Anne
  3. Because I never knew that they had a consultation was never informed of one probably between 4 and 10 there are only 2 stops on the estate goes off Prince of Wales Road and and onto Crescent and back on to Prince of Wales Road takes about 3 minutes at a push but whats it matter they are mostly pensioners so would not make em a big profit
  4. E;mail sent to T M Travel 23rd Oct at 3.55 pm I see that you are to take over the bus route 4/6 which at present go via Darnall Prince of Wales Road Bowdenwood Crescent Mather Road/Littledale then onto town centre could you please confirm or deny that you are continuing to acoomodate Bowdenwood Crescent. response Hi The bus will not serve Bowdenwood
  5. I am the person doing the petition and I have been informed by TM Travel it will not serve BOWDENWOOD
  6. Hi Barry Tony says he remembers you and yes he was wed to Julie but sadly she has passed away. Anne Chamberlain ex Carr Forge Road
  7. Roy Adlington still lives at Hackenthorpe
  8. Was it Alan Davison off Carr Forge Road, Im married to Tony Maris off Carr Forge Lane
  9. Hi Spider yes it was comic not many beat him, my hubby Tony Maris tried my dad let him start at dbl 10 to go round the board on dbles but he lost dont think Tony ever forgot that LOL Anne Chamberlain
  10. The sister of the Fowler brothers is still alive, her son was my employer until I retired
  11. Three feathers Prince of Wales Road Lamb Curry to die for Chef was brought from London
  12. :DIf you like Indian food The Three Feathers on Prince of Wales Road Ive never like it before but as its a new Restaurant with new owners and the Chef is from London I thought I would give it a try and im glad I did. I was great went Tuesday and again last night (thats my diet gone to pot) They also do a steak and Ale pie with chips and veg £5.95 my brother could not eat it all
  13. Anyone remember the house in the middle of sallys hill they were the Gregg family Benny Billy Dinah Frank Ursula
  14. Oh the Lees still see them about think they live on Manor, and they dont look any different if you know what I mean
  15. do you remember comic darts player in hogs head
  16. Now you have mentioned Darts my dad played darts in all those pubs his name was Reg Chamberlain but most knew him as comic, He was a great darts player and worked at English steel weedon street
  17. Now you have mentioned Darts my dad you play darts in all those pubs his name was Reg Chamberlain but most knew him as comic, He was a great darts player and worked at English steel weedon street
  18. My god whats wrong with people on here Think I will delete myself from it
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