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  1. Does anyone know where Hoaban Street attercliffe was cant seem to find it
  2. My dad worked in the Forge at English Steel he once got his leg trapped between 2 bogies dont know what they are apart from one thing His name was Reg Chamberlain but most people knew him as Comic and he was a great darts player
  3. Does any of you golden oldies remember a Car sales lot corner of Ouseburne street and Staniforth Road 1946 to 1960 and who owned it
  4. So its gone from paying extra on your home to tv license:rolleyes: I know of 2 couples who bought thier council property and as they got older needed a smaller one level property through ill health, hey presto given a bungalow from council and sold thier homes and made a huge profit, now that stinks:huh:
  5. I had the same call yesterday foreign woman saying I had a virus on my computer I told her To P_ _s off
  6. Hi everyone the problem is now sorted cant believe it, after 5 months of trying someone on here has done it Yipeeeeeeee
  7. My daughters boyfriend was arrested 6 months ago the case is now over but because he was at her property they took her mobile her daughters mobile and thier laptops to see if there was any evidence on them which there was not.She has phoned constantly requesting the return of the items cannot get the arresting officer on the phone and no supervisor is available. Anyone got any ideas as she is paying for the phones on contract but cant use them:huh:
  8. Then you left school to become a writer LOL
  9. Oh Zakes you make me laugh:hihi:Anne Maris nee Chamberlain brothers Michael, Phillip,John, Dougie sister jennifer wed to Tony Maris xx
  10. Absolutely loved this you have given me a good start to the new year all the best Deedah ps thats what they called my hubby when he worked away
  11. you make me LOL:roll: get going with your campaign
  12. agree I was told by a bus driver when I got on his bus, not to smoke (and I was'nt in a bus bus shelter. told him to mind his own xxxxxxx business
  13. Raising funds for Special Olympics in Sheffield
  14. Disabled childrens sports Charity night Owlerton dog stadium tickets £5 includes entry and race card:thumbsup: just turn up on the night Supporting Special Olympics in Sheffield anyone willing to sponsor please contact
  15. Hi Shogun34 the last bus to Bowdenwood from town is 6.25pm arrives Bowdenwood abt 6.53pm you would have to get a bus 52 from town then a 6a up Prince leaves Darnall 7.48pm the every hour until 10.48pm Regards Anne PS if you send address I wil drop a leaflet off for you
  16. Sorry Aardvark Perhaps you were out are you on Crescent Anne
  17. :love:Thanks S9 Owl, Joiner Andy, Gazitory and Loki44 for starting this thread and all the others for thier interest Anne
  18. :DI have just received an E:mail from South Yorkshire Transport to inform me that they are going to continue to serve Bowdenwoon thanks to everyone who signed the petition Hooray:D
  19. I caught the bus on Wednesday it got round here no probs but was stuck on Littledale because of dbl parking had to sit and wait while after driver kept hooting for someone to come out so there is no difference our Roads are wider on Bowdenwood
  20. Hi Le Baron Tony remembers the incident when the lad grabbed the wires but he cannot remember his name, and yes he was killed Anne Chamberlain
  21. Hi Silverknight I have been in touch with TM Travel and they say it will not serve Bowdenwood
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