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  1. Howdens Joinery but its trade only so you would need someone with an account, based Surbiton St Attercliffe, Bramall Lane and Hilsborough
  2. Hope you find someone soon I would but got 24 already and I cant remember thier birthdays, (get a reminder from my daughters))
  3. Anyone know where the proposed fire sation is to be built Parkway-Bowdenwood is it on the old A57
  4. As usual on here we have gone from woman living in car/ to immigrants and a woman who has exchanged her home for a worse one/come on peeps stay on the ops comment
  5. go on to face book and put in Tigger sweets Paul and Fiona doing mine for granddaugters 21st
  6. My bus goes to Castle Market/Castlegate/Pond Street and my problem is extra time travelling down moor and then back:rant: ---------- Post added 27-06-2013 at 07:00 ---------- its not I will shop local
  7. Well I for one wont be visiting the Moor Market to have to catch another bus already travel 40mins on one to get into town which stops at Castle Market ---------- Post added 25-06-2013 at 20:30 ---------- Yes me too Subway is where they belong
  8. This definitely needs to be checked out it is not what it seems most of the Collins family live Sheffield/Darnal
  9. rung them over 16,000 homes affected mine came on at 7.30am they said all would be on by 9.30am
  10. Hope that wasn't aimed at me because I dont drink
  11. Hi im a pensioner and recieved payments of £25 23/1/2013 and 6/2/2013 there is a payment that can been claimed from direct from your supplier of £130 called warm front for anyone on benefits but I think it finished today
  12. That is absolutely appalling I hope they catch them poor animal must have suffered
  13. 3 Feathers Prince of Wales Road have a function room with Pool Table
  14. I still get Chitterling and bag for my husband from Castle Market
  15. I told my daughter when she was off school she had screaming ab dabs and when teacher asked why she had been off school she said she had screaming ab dabs, It meant she was being a misery
  16. Thank you so much for the map:) Just want to find out now when it ceased to exist ---------- Post added 18-02-2013 at 20:29 ---------- Thats fine do you know if I go to central library I will be able to access it later about 1920/30 to see if the family im after is still living there:help: ---------- Post added 18-02-2013 at 20:46 ---------- Better that old map I can now place it I went to school at St Charles
  17. Thanks for that thought I had made it up
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