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  1. Hi once again TM Travel have reared there miserable heads & once again not giving a Service to Bowden Wood estate after a neighbour spoke to them and said you can't do that there are too many elderly & disabled people on here the persons response we can do what we want
  2. Thank you Mayfly182 ---------- Post added 30-06-2017 at 12:51 ---------- Will do that blackhill
  3. My Hydranger bush's have white spots all over them picked one of the leaves and its like a white liquid:help:
  4. she's young geared and doesn't know how things work
  5. Yes she is 22 now with a boy aged 1 this month ---------- Post added 03-05-2017 at 19:02 ---------- Hi tracy ive spoke to my nan about whats happend and shes contacted a solicitor over the matter they have said no money should of been handed over and also that you cant stop the.bond money been reffered back to me as i can dispute any money been taken out off it so i would like the 100 i have given you for the flooring refunding as the soliciotor says its classed as wear and tear (shes seen photos ) any other matter to do with anything replacing needs to be re decided by DPS as i have already replaced the carpet. Thanks. This is what my granddaughter has sent to her Landlady is there anything to add
  6. geared Ive told her but I think they are bullying her because she's young If it was me I would have told them to get on with it do their worse
  7. She's already given them £100 for the floor now they wanting money for new worktop don't know how much it will cost + £40 for fitting ---------- Post added 03-05-2017 at 15:16 ---------- Sorry DPS is in Bristol which I find confusing
  8. If she complains they told her it would delay the re-payment back to her & she borrowed the money & needs to repay it. Now they seem to have found a small chip in the worktop but yet she had problems with Damp & because she was on benefits they wanted her to claim for a new boiler ---------- Post added 03-05-2017 at 14:15 ---------- also the deposit has been put into account in Bristol
  9. They have never said where her bond was deposited nor an inventory the new property she has moved into has done both those things
  10. My granddaughter has just left a property and they wanted £100 to replace flooring in kitchen, Just as you entered the house you went straight into the kitchen and having a small child wheeled the pram inside but the flooring became discolored in the doorway not the whole kitchen which after almost a year is to be expected I would think. Shes tried removing it but wouldn't make a difference. what do others think
  11. I for onedefinitely wont be voting for what my ancestors voted
  12. What lovely reading for a Sunday Morning God bless to you all
  13. 1 have some compassion and apologise 2 check why the bus didnt turn up:rant: ---------- Post added 04-10-2014 at 18:47 ---------- Yes Mandem Im at the other end Handsworth and the people I see running for a 52 is beyond belief
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