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  1. hi forumers, a VERY sad time has just hit us. I have lost my job and can no longer afford the rent on my house so I am having to move into a more affordable flat as i can't find any cheaper houses that allow pets. It is going to absolutely kill me inside to have to do this but there is no way i can keep the dog, i want her to go to a good home, she is like my best friend. Reason for Rehome / Sale : Lost job, can't afford the next months rent. Time Scale – How Urgent? Within a month Sale Amount £300 Has the Dog been in Rescue. yes for 2month before i got her Location : Currently at my mums in barnsley Age & Sex : 5month old bitch Breed/ Mix : Huskey x GSD KC Registered: no Approximate size : medium but will grow very big Exercise Needed: 2 long walks a day Neutered & Micro chipped: not neutered Vaccinated & Wormed: yes Live in / out: in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: she absolutely loves other animals, lived with hamster and is with my mums dog now. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues : none Temperament: excellent she is a total softy Good or Bad with Children : excellent with kids Dislike of Men or Women : neither she seems to love everything lol OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals: yes Travel OK in Car : fantastic in the car, took her to whitby and she was brilliant. Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time: never left for more than 4 hours but she seemed fine with that Destructive Behaviour: only with her tuggy toys Barks: not really unless there is something wrong Pull on the lead: a little bit but every puppy does Crate trained: yes Housetrained : yes. General Information you can share about the Dog JJ is a 5month old German Shepard x Huskey, she is absolutely stunning!! We go on 2 long walks per day, she is a real softie lapping up all the attention she can lol. She is rather giddy at times and can jump up at people for a cuddle. she is extremely playful, she loves tugg toys and footballs. I can't really say how much of a fantastic dog she is, she gets on with all animals really she even gets on with my mates cat. She comes with her XXXL folding dog crate which she enjoys sleeping in, her collar, lead, harness, bowls, toys, food that i have left and treats. She is fully vaccinated and i have a Vet medical card to prove, also i have the receipt to show she is fully wormed and flea'd. I am asking £300, to secure a good home, pay a fraction of the cost of the things she comes with and the beautiful companion you will be getting. Also, this would help me pay the bills for this month and i would have a little bit to go towards a bond. if nobody is interested in the month i will take her to dogs trust as i know they do in depth home checks etc.. http://tinypic.com/r/2h7duzd/5 http://tinypic.com/r/qs7e50/5 As you can see she is beautiful! I really don't want to have to say goodbye but there is nothing i can do unless someone comes along tomorrow and gives me a job. i cannot believe it. i am heart broken. MUST go to a GOOD home.... Thank you.
  2. some people are just ignorant, those people who get loads of calls each day from people needing crisis loans whether its a time wasting call or not they are still getting paid for it so it wouldn't hurt them to be polite would it? I am sorry to hear some people have such low respect for others on this forum, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but some comments are disgusting especially those who are saying she should have hung up and the op should have had all the info ready. The op has clearly stated she has a mental illness, how would you feel if you was in urgent need of a crisis loan you phone up amd due to your mental illness cannot recall the the relevant dates so the woman who is getting paid to take your call puts the phone down on you before you get chance to say anything, I'm sure you would be pretty upset too. I hope you get a crisis loan tomorrow hun, and you don't get an ignorant so and so again. Take care, x
  3. what time is the carboot at meadowhead does anyone know?? thank you
  4. awwwwhh how nice are you? :) nice of them to give it back
  5. Hi forumers, The summer is real close and i still have a ruddy podge lol, i have just bought some 'ultra slim meal replacement' from tesco which is 213calories per serving, its tescos brand and i was just wondering if anyone has tried this at all? and how well did it work for you? Does you have any other tips or used something similar that has worked good for you? let me know, the podge has to go!!!!
  6. great news, the vet said it was just like a fatty lump and nothing to worry about he also advised me to just keep an eye on it so all is well, i hope it stays the size it is. does anyone know if it could turn into something nasty? sonic x
  7. oh my LORD! that is beyond DISGUSTING! i hope the staff who caused this can't sleep at night, how the hell can you forget and ignore a poor little dog like that?!?!?!?! my sincere condolences to daisy and her family!! drying cabinets should be banned and another method introduced that is actually safe. and i totally agree with the groomers being fully trained on all equipment! rip daisy xxxx
  8. hey Gemima, thats exactly what she was doing ''reverse sneezing'' thanks for the advise, she is booked it for 2:15 atleast my mum can get some relief in knowing what exactly it is regards, Lauren.
  9. yeahh i know what you mean i appreciate u standing up for me as some people just presume because an animal has passed it was the owners fault. =[
  10. it was given to me from my grandad who had it quite some years. and i had him for 5years, and just to let you know i never negelcted or was a bad keeper i spent so much time and effort but when its time for them to go, its time isnt it it makes me sad even to this day to think about it. and thanks for the websites, ill check them out now regards. Lauren.
  11. my mum has a little 3 yr old jack russell x staffy, and she has got a blood shot eye and keeps breathing weird; breathing in but its sort of like hiccuping but not,,, i can't really explain and i have just been stroking her and she seems to have a lump, i moved her fur and there is a white lump on he back the size of two peas. i have read on some sites that its a cyst and nothing to worry about. but the thing is i am worried, really worried. I am going to book her into the vets asap, but just wanted to know what it could be as my mum is panicking. can anyone help please!!!! thank youuu!!
  12. hi forumers, I am looking for another tortoise. It has been almost a year now since my tortoise named Rocket passed away, and i now have the time for another. I have a set up so i'm just after the tortoise itself, i would prefer a horsfield but i am not over fussed. Can anyone reccomend a pet shop or breeder to purchase one from? Or better yet, does anyone on here have one they need rehoming or that they are selling? please let me know, my house is so empty without rocket. Thank you.
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