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  1. Can anyone tell me best garage in Sheffield for Mitsubishi Servicing. Thanks in advance. Craig
  2. Can anyone please help I am looking to get my coat buttons repaired or replaced, I have been to a couple of shops in Hillsborough who told me they don't repair pop on buttons. Can anyone advise me on any shops that do pop on repairs. Thanks in advance. Craigos
  3. Thank you for this offer, excellent customer service, and certainly worth trying again. Not something you get often these days. Many thanks. hotrock, I might not comment often, but regularly check the forum, I think it is an excellent way to communicate good and bad experiences and also hear about other peoples experiences.
  4. Stopped going to Sarah's because the last flowers I had from there had been frozen and died in a few days. my mother in law said they had been frozen, she knows her stuff on flowers. Trust me!!!!!!
  5. On Christmas eve I visited Townsend Gardens Florist on South Road, Walkley to order some flowers for my wife's birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary which was on 28th December 2011. I was at work all day but my wife was at home with our three year old daughter, I returned from work at around 5pm to find no flowers had been delivered to my wife on the agreed day of delivery. I phoned the shop the next day (29th) to ask why these had not been delivered to be told, I quote "you didn't order them from here" I asked her to check again to which she said oh yes i've found the ticket can we deliver them now, I was out at the time so told them to leave them at my front door. Just felt the need to get this out there as it seems very Unprofessional. Poor!
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