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  1. Im selling my Mk1 MX5 .. its a P plate but just in the process of switching back from a private plate.. its a brilliant runner and never had anything major wrong with it .. only brake pads and new tyres etc .. had a new hood fitted to it last year too so its not a leaky car ..lol. let me know if your interested Oh its black
  2. Not sure if this is related but I have just been at the Nothern general and theres talk of a chemical spill somewhere in Sheffield.
  3. Like brunette says, get her to the vets asap .. it could be a number of things but i had this happen with one of my dogs and it turned out he had a tumor blocking him .. best to be on the safe side and she sounds in pain
  4. My daughter conects to my internet with a dongle (sp?) from her desktop, the last week or two she can not connect because it says the ip is invalid .. she's been using my internet for years .. why as it all of a sudden stopped working? she tries to login to my secure with the password but it wont conect and says the ip is invalid?? Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Depends on which part your getting married in .. if its the detached part set just slightly away from the main hotel ..it can be a nightmare ( depending on number of guests) .. because if theyres two weddings at the same time.. you cant take all your guest down into the grounds because of the other wedding.
  6. I watched this again late last year .. and it stills scares the s*** out of me lol
  7. pmsl .. brilliant!! .. this is going on my facebook ..lol.
  8. My OH's Gym instructor says that the cheap ones's you can buy are rubbish.. the one's used in salons and gyms are £3,000 or more to buy .. and said not to waste your money on the cheaper versions.
  9. Oh god .. I loved them .. and now my mouths watering for some ..lol.
  10. Bradfield village halls a good venue .. very scenic
  11. ..lol. Vinnie as got a secret task from the tree .. he's got to convince Alex that hes a cross dresser too .. If he passes he gets to go to a football match or something like that .. just read is on DS
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