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  1. its not a wedding, if it was one, the cars they are driving are modest shall we say..... Ron - I have no idea where they from, on appearance I would classify their race as Asian, if they were white and I said "White" it might not mean they are from Sheffield , they might be from as far a field as who knows maybe Barnsley! HAL9001 - I found your comment amusing even though I'm knackered and still irritated.
  2. I thought that the 1st time but seems strange to happen on at least 3 occasions in last 2 weeks and never seen it before
  3. As above anyone else witnessed the above , happened on a couple of occasions up to 20 vehicles in a convoy beeping horns hazards flashing ,music blaring, lads hanging out of car windows and then stopping and starting every few yards , appear to.be Asian youths, last night happened at around 1 then 1.30 am. Can be quite intimidating but getting that annoyed as going to work knackered again that I'm prob going to go out next time, must be upsetting for.more vulnerable people. Called Bobbys last time but they quickly move on so by the time they get there they've gone. Might be something innocent but just getting irritating now!
  4. Went a couple of weeks back, I found my meal over seasoned very salty, I've been to Akbars in Leeds and found the same, perhaps its the dishes I'm having, Lamb Karahi last time on this occasion I tried the "Chef's challenge" dont think anyone could eat it all , its a large chicken lamb and potato balti, a giant nan and pilau rice , we just shared it between 2 and ordered an additonal curry, (you dont get the ice cream if you finish it when shared) service was fine and of course when asked if my meal was fine I did the usual "yes great mate" as probably just my personal opinion, but anyone else think its heavy on the salt? usually go to chutneys - gleadless I prefer this place, bangladeshi, always have a good meal and no complaints, cutlers spice food ok but not really impressed with the service on the 3 occasions I've been. Think people get too hung up on which is the best curry house, its whatever you prefer innit
  5. Thanks for the interest , have been in contact with those interested will update if it doesnt work out thanks
  6. Hi all I am a singer with a Sheffield based Jazz band ( usually a trio Piano , Drums, Double Bass) ocassionally guest sax players etc Due to work commitments / pressures I am unable to commit to the amount of gigs that the band are currently doing, rather than them miss out I'm / we are looking for someone to share the duties with me, gender / age not important, With the band I perform songs from american songbook, songs from sinatra etc etc so could either be someone similar or again something different - a female perhaps to give contrast the band are experienced musicians, so would need someone of a good standard, would be around 2 /3 gigs a month The work is always paid (some well some not so) and we perform at some nice venues in Sheffield. If anyone would be interested , please email me alfieryan84@gmail.com , I think the best thing would be to come along to either a rehearsal or we perform at a monthly jazz night where you could come along and get a feel for it and perhaps do a song - wouldnt need your equipment as I would have my PA set up. Hope to hear from you all the best
  7. Audtions went ahead, I did it, was a fair few there but not packed managed to get through 1st one, so off to Manchester next week, not to see cowell and co just to see some more producers, so need to get working on my "story" or do something strange in my next audition to get through again, not that i'm cynical about it all
  8. seems no one else knew either? cheers anyway but I've tracked them / him down thanks to Bar Abbey / Abbeydale picture house who informed me they perform and practice there.
  9. Hi Does anyone have the contact details for the above band, the only email address I can find has returned as undeliverable. Thanks in advance
  10. back wack(s) / wax EXAMPLE "neaw pal dont go darn thee er, its snided, you'll get stuck in traffic, cut darn back wacks and you'll get thee er sooner is "sooner" one too? Sooner - to mean quicker or I also say it in place of rather EXAMPLE "I'd sooner go" etc , "I'd sooner go darn town than meadowhell" who knows, maybe I just talk in riddles
  11. I like that one, I'll add it to my list of "responses to door to door salesman"
  12. Had a visit from some guy last weekend, I opened the door he said "you dont want one of these scratchcards do you" I said "No" then he left. This is either the worlds worst salesman or a cunning criminal who snoops round houses and uses the scratchcard as a cover for being on your property? anyone else had him call round, i'm in S12,
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