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  1. My Dad was a big mate of his and I also met him a few times too in Fanny's (Lord Nelson ), I think it was a heart attack.
  2. Used to go in a Indian Restuarant many years ago, long gone now but totally forgot the name. It was on London Road next to the Pheasant pub which is now Barry's, it got burnt down hence the empty space next to Barry's, answers please ?
  3. Kirkby lad, my wife got a parking charge notice from Excel for parking in Decathlon in jan, got the letter in July. Have heard different theories about whether it should be payed or not, any advice would be most appreciated !
  4. Son lost his pe kit on 53 bus on thursday afternoon, got on at the stop on queens rd\farm rd and got off at heeley bottom. Was in a black JD sports bag any one found please post and will get back to you. Many thanks.
  5. Will deffo give you a try, sick to death of the englishyfied curries what the majority serve up.
  6. Cheap and Cheerfull, obviously not been in the Dim Sum lately!
  7. Have just been on RSPB website and the professionals that they are gave me the answer I was looking for : Everyone who said female Sparrowhawk take a bow, because that is definately what it was.
  8. Sorry to be misleading , it was too big to be a kestrel. Was deffo brown in colour, probably a female Goshawk or Sparrowhawk and after looking at images of the two, was deffo a Goshawk.
  9. Was walking on Meersbrook Road yesterday, when all of a sudden wood pigeons shot straight out of a tree. I wondered if it was me who startled them, then saw a few feathers dropping down. and when i looked up a big brown bird dropped down about 10 yards in front of me holding the pigeon in it`s claws. I crossed over not to disturb it and it started to peck the feathers off , then flew over a small hedge into a garden. No traffic or people about, and on returning about 25 mins later had a look over the hedge and there were feathers everywhere, and the brown bird was still there with a pigeon carcass stripped to the bone. what bird was the brown one ? deffo not a kestrel, too small. any suggestions.
  10. No contest here i`m afraid, and i`ve had them all, Taggy`s had no comparison. Used to play football on the field next to his shop/factory on View road ( Heeley Millenium park), then get a tub or jam wafer, was always amusing because I think his Ex worked in the shop and she was always having a pop at his dolly bird who used to ride around with him in his Rolls Royce. Taggy lived on Shirebrook road and passed away mid 70`s, Joe who used to drive one of his vans knew the recipe, but said it would be to expensive to rig up all the machinery to manufacture the Ice cream. Could`nt wait for sunday afternoons when he came up Tillotson Road in his brand new Transit van and I got sent out with pyrex bowl to be filled. What happy days !
  11. Laycocks club at the bottom of Fraser Road, room very good size, ample parking and cheap bar prices, well worth a look.
  12. He`s about early seventies, iv`e been told.
  13. A name not mentioned but my Dad used to talk about is , Tony Lowe knocked about town and London Rd.
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