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  1. I would have thought it'd be a bit risky as sometimes the dogs can be a bit unpredictable; but i'd just ring round a few places and enquire. Be good if she could do it
  2. Yes indeed i got definate news today that he was reunited with his owners on saturday night, so he was only in the shelter for a matter of hours makes me glad that my own dog has her microchip! Thankyou everyone for all the help!!
  3. Dropped the dog off at rain rescue earlier today. He did have a chip; so fingers crossed! I'm ringing monday to get the latest, and i'll let you all know Thanks for all your help!
  4. he isnt limping, but it seems to us that he is in some discomfort when he is sitting down; i'm pretty sure its nothing major, just a few other people noticed it when we were at the park, so we've been watching him.
  5. just having a look at the links now Cheers. Still no word from anyone about anything
  6. EDIT: seems to not be able to sit down, sorry for the vague details, he's only been with us for a short time. Also if anyone knows who we can contact to give him too that would be a big help, as with it being saturday people are taking a while to get in touch.
  7. just waiting to hear back from people as to where he's going. Will keep you posted, let me know if you've lost one near hillsborough
  8. OMG! What a fab idea! I think i'm gonna have to sign Jasmine up :')
  9. I have the furet tower, but i'd say the XL cage is nice. Just depends how much room you have lol
  10. Surely then the same should be said for hamsters, and any other animal on sawdust. Personally i dont like shavings as i've found that some bits are too sharp, and sawdust is generally nicer for them to live on. I think it comes down to personal preferance in the end. Like i said, i've only ever had that one problem with sawdust, and i've had animals living on it for years.
  11. Been using it for years with our bunnys, had no problems till this one. And there was nothing on the internet that suggested i shouldnt be using it at the time, it was simply a case of 'some rabbits might be allergic to substrate such as sawdust.'
  12. we got ours from foxisle gundogs, shes brill. They have a site if you google it
  13. my rabbit was allergic to sawdust, so we changed her to woodchip and she did a lot better on that.
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