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  1. Anyone know where I can get cheap garden turf from ??? Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot for the help! I've just found the Wales shorts and bought them; also trying to contact friends in Wales and give it a try although I know it's almost mission impossible to get one of those shirts. Hahaha!
  3. Hi everybody! Can anybody help me, please? I need to buy the Welsh football shirt for a present and I can't find it anywhere (high street shops or online shops). To be precise, I'm looking for the Wales football home shirt, the red one with the Adidas three strips in green. I've tried the Adidas website, JD Sports (shops and website), Sports Direct (shops and website), Decathlon, etc. with no success. I know that on 6 November Adidas is gonna start selling a new Wales shirt in red and white, but the one I need to find is the last one the team wore to qualify recently for the Eurocup2016. Is there any specialised football shop in Sheffield where I could find that shirt? Please help, I never thought it would be so difficult to buy a current football shirt! Thank you all!
  4. Have a look on http://www.ponds-forge.co.uk. Sheffield International Venues (SIV) have a number of sports centres in town which include gym and a big variety of classes (from karate or streetdance to diving lessons or pilates). Good luck!
  5. Hello wonderful people in Sheffield! I'm a Spanish woman living in Sheffield. Let's be friends. I love books, films, theatre plays, music, art exhibitions, walks, etc. (even the gym!). If you enjoy any of the things mentioned before or if you just want to make friends to have a chat or a laugh with, then here I am! You are all very welcome!
  6. Hi Beth! Do you like cinema? I love movies. If you fancy going to the flicks one of these days, send me a post.
  7. What are your preferences? You have a huge variety of gym options in Sheffield. And within each gym you have a variety of services, prices, etc. Please be more specific about what you are looking for. Good luck!
  8. ¡Muy buenas, jeszgz! ¡Bienvenid@ a Sheffield! A ver, déjame adivinar...por tu nickname (apodo/seudónimo) yo diría que te llamas Jesús y vienes de Zaragoza. Ya me dirás si me equivoco de cabo a rabo o si he acertado. Leo por aquí que llevas en la ciudad desde el 16 de julio nada menos. ¿Qué tal va la búsqueda de amistades? Yo soy española como tú, vengo de Madrid y hace ya algún tiempo que vivo en Sheffield. Leo que tienes 22 años, yo tengo 37. Me chifla el cine, así que si un día te animas podríamos quedar para conocernos y ver una película. Ya sé que buscas "amigos de pub", yo te ofrezco mi amistad pero lamentablemente tengo que confesar que no me van los pubs para nada. En fin, que aquí me tienes, si en algo puedo ayudarte ya sabes que puedes encontrarme por aquí. ¡Buena suerte!
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