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  1. yea im going down to the auction. Big shame maybe a bargin or two to be got though
  2. Im not going to compare tesco/sheffield with Monaco but i was over there the other month and i saw the police pull up and tell some one to put their shirt back on.
  3. obviously you couldnt contribute to this discussion so had to make a childish comment. Thanks
  4. Is it me or do i attract all the idiot drivers who cant abide to the lanes on the Park Square Round about. Having nearly been knocked of my motorbike twice and nearly ramed in my car all this week. Coming from the parkway onto the roundabout there is four lanes. After going in the third lane to go into town, three times this week i have been cut up by drivers who are coming across from the second lane into the third (who are going towards the train station) inwhich then they have to then move back to the second lane as they are in the incorrect lane.
  5. We are off to Monaco for an event at the end of the month we have some equipment to take down and bring back we are requiring a Lorry Artic or 7.5 ton . Any recomendations for a haulage company be good to keep it local.
  6. there is a parking sign on leavygreave road. At some point someone had bumped into it bending it. Instead of replacing it/ straightening it. To my amusment the actualy re ajusted the sign so that was straight but left it on the bent pole.
  7. The was one out side the bmw place near the old west bank police station. Although for the moment it has gone.
  8. what would be a rough idea of cost?
  9. so my idea was to change all the bulbs to low powered leds. any recomendations for anyone that does a small 600-1kw off grid system and fitting?
  10. So ive seen a few solar panel kits that you can purchase. I was just wondering as i was wanting to power all my lighting in my house off grid . I was just wondering . A how difficult this would be to implement into the existing wiring and how much it would be for an electrician to fit? for example kit http://midsummerenergy.co.uk/buy/off-grid-solar-power-systems/Eoplly380W.html
  11. So my house is rented out by a letting agency. the tenants had given a vebel notice to leave.5 weeks later. After hearing nothing (including any dates) I sent them an email to them, in which i get a reply that the tenancy is ending in 3 days/one working day. views please; personally i think this is disgraceful as i should of been told as soon as they received it. Im taking this further with the agent as really they should put the rent for the next four weeks. Plus no preparations has been done for rerenting it out.
  12. so THE FIA ARE NOW INVITING applications for a new Team (12th) Its $5000 for the admin fees. Be a great Marketing ploy just to make the application. Heres a few ideas for my team We would the First Female F1 Driver ( surely this would attract good sponsorship?) The team to be supported by young (student) engineers to aid in there education and promoting in engineering ) We would hopefully partner with local universitys to achieve this ( AMRC? ) Hopefully this would also give us additional support/assistance from other teams. Obviously with customer cars coming back this would help initially to enter a car with gaining certain parts for the first year. so do i have any sponsors?
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