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  1. Wait, so am I right in thinking that you willing let him roam off lead outside your house? Where were you when he was trotting up to neighbours and people were crossing the road to avoid him? I'm sorry but I have to agree. I'm pretty sure that benefits aren't provided to pay to get your dog out of the pound because you (willingly it seems if above post is anything to go by) let it roam. I've no doubt that this has all been said previously, but it's also understandable that people feel the need to make their opinion known when its brought up again in a new post and you feel the need to comment on it telling us about your new puppy! As per Chazndave said above, you should appreciate that not everyone is going to agree with you and your actions.
  2. I must admit I thought this. Why should they be forced to accept other people's Gods just to fit in, especially those of invaders? Surely we all have the right to believe what we want to believe, I don't think it makes us intolerant of other's beliefs or religions, just that we treasure our own. As someone said, they don't seek converts so I don't understand the issue. For example, despite being brought up Catholic, I don't believe in any God from any religion. I wouldn't bow or pray to any of them. Doesn't mean I don't acknowledge that other people believe, and I'm happy for them if it works for them. That said, it comes back to a point I made that this relates to something that was relevant in ancient times - how can that possibly be an influence today? I'm truly baffled Thanks for your input though, I never knew any of this!
  3. Thanks for all your input so far. I think I'm starting to see the reasons put forward, although I still can't understand, condone or fathom them.. To summarise, it seems that hatred of the Jews is based on: - History and events that happened thousands of years ago...the killing of Christ? Come on. -The fact that they have demonstrated intelligence, initiative and acumen in order to become successful, often in the face of adversity, causing widespread jealousy. Good on them!! If they value education and ambition as part of their culture, then they reap the rewards. If you want the same, work harder! - They are different in their behaviours and appearance. So? Are they hurting anyone else? - They're insular and don't integrate. Not entirely true, but even if it was, that's normal. When I go travelling to a foreign country alone for work, I feel comfort and safer when I hear an English accent! It's instinct. I know this is a very short, simple generalization of what I imagine to be a very complicated issue but either way, from my point of view, I still can't see any concrete, justifiable explanation for what seems to be a very out-dated, unfounded prejudice.
  4. In what way? Is that really it? I understand that different groups of people at one time or another experience discrimination that doesn't make sense. What I don't understand is why the dislike/discrimination of Jews particularly is so ingrained and widespread in so many different countries over the centuries, more so than other groups, meaning they even have a name for it??
  5. Thanks for the answers so far but I still don't understand - what behaviours do Jews undertake that makes people so angry?? What's the special treatment? I can honestly say that I've never experienced or heard of any problems with Jewish people - in fact, I couldn't tell you if I've ever seen or met one because I couldn't tell the difference!
  6. The Holocaust has always fascinated and horrified me at the same time, and since the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz recently, I started to look more into the roots of anti-Semitism and where it originated from. Now try as I might, I am still unable to fully understand or get a satisfactory answer as to why anti-Semitism is one of the most widely practised and accepted forms of discrimination throughout the centuries. In short, why do people hate the Jews so much and why have they been a constant target of poor treatment in many different countries at one time or another? You could argue that discrimination by definition is an unfounded and baseless act, but I am truly baffled by this. The other thing they ever seem to have done wrong is be successful?? Can anybody help me to understand it better?
  7. I'm sorry about what happened to her, my dad also beat my mum up throughout my whole childhood, put her in hospital on a few occasions. However, I don't see how that would stop you from working. My mum still worked. But trying to keep on track, my comments were in response to the OP's specific situation. I'm aware that there will always be numerous mitigating circumstances, but my response was in relation to not working and being on benefits just because you have kids, and then expecting society to do you a favour by giving you a job when you have no experience.
  8. Hi there, Did you ever show this to Mrs O'Hara? Glad to hear she is well and would be lovely to hear from her!
  9. I understand that. However, as you will see written in the original post, the OP mentions being on benefits on this occasion. Hence my reply.
  10. I'm probably going to get a massive backlash from all those that believe that having kids is a God-given right but...why does popping out 3 kids justify not being in work and living off benefits for 13 years? If you can't pay to bring up your children yourself then why should we, as society, pay for you to have kids and be out of employment for 13 years and then be expected to give you a job at the end of it all? As an anecdote, my mum had 3 kids under 6 by the age of 21. She worked 3 jobs to support us, as well as running a household and supporting my unemployed dad who drank too much (for the record my dad rarely looked after us, we were looked after by my grandma and friends when we weren't at school). She's been employed all her life, has masses of experience, and has successfully brought up 3 decent, hard-working girls. She has demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm and motivation all her life - often in the face of adversity. Many parents, single parents too, manage to work and bring up their kids at the same time. Hard work, but that’s what you sign up for when you decide to have children. Hence why I don’t have any. So my apologies for the negative post, it's just my opinion after all, but I don't believe employers are mis-judging you. I believe that's what they see. As a constructive comment, if you want to try and turn the situation around then do what others are suggesting….show some initiative and enthusiasm by getting some experience by volunteering, putting something back into the community.
  11. I got a Murphy Richards Soup maker for Xmas and its the best thing I've ever been given. It cooks, chops and blends in one process, taking out the inconvenience of the different stages of the process. You literally just put all the ingredients in the pot together at once and turn it on. Its also on a timer so stops when ready. And there's only one pot to clean at the end. Simple.
  12. Of which he's guilty of all three in my opinion? Is it not irresponsible to leave your bitch outside whilst she's in season? Is it not neglectful to not feed a dog what it needs to keep a healthy weight? Is it not abuse to leave it outside in the freezing cold with no shelter? For all those trying to be diplomatic and sticking up for this guy, ask yourself this: would you let this guy look after your dog whilst you went on holiday? Would you rehome your dog to him should you ever be faced with that decision? I'd bet my life that everyone's answer would be no.
  13. I'm sorry but I can't actually believe people are wishing him hope on getting his dog back. I'm gobsmacked.
  14. So who decides then? The RSPCA? Don't make me laugh. Leaving a skinny, short-haired dog tied to a chain, with no shelter to keep warm, at the risk of getting pregnant, IS abuse in my opinion, and many other people's I'm sure. Why the hell get a dog to leave it tied up outside? I've got a lot of experience working in rescue so it surprises me that any rescue would recommend that? But anyway... Are you saying people should turn a blind eye because its "none of their business"? That's how abuse, any type of abuse, is allowed to carry on. Because people turn a blind eye. Maybe you are familiar with the following quote from Edmund Burke: "'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" Now I'm not saying the OP is evil, but you get the theory behind it. I understand that it may not be the best decision to let the dog free, ideally you would take it home, but then that's theft. Either way, I couldn't see a dog suffer day in day out. From experience, I have very little faith in the RSPCA, so I'd have to do something. And in the case, it seems its worked out for the dog as someone seems to be taking notice of its welfare.
  15. I've read all comments in this thread and to be honest, despite you coming across as caring for the dog, I don't like the sound of how you're treating her.... If you have a crate for her, why don't you keep her inside where she's warm rather than keeping her on a chain outside in the cold? If its only for 3 hours then needing the toilet shouldn't be an issue - I take it she's house-trained? If she's skinny due to her breed (which I don't quite believe BTW) then why the hell are you keeping that breed of dog outside? Do you put her a coat on? Does she have shelter? I have to be honest, if I saw a skinny dog chained up outside every day in the cold without a coat or any shelter then I think I'd let her off. Let's hope she gets a proper home through this...
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