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  1. I am available to do your cleaning mon-fri from 9-12 reasonable rates sorry no ironing
  2. someone has knocked my mirror lookely it isn't broke but the mirror glass as dropped you can lift it all out , where can i take it to be fitted back in properly and how much would it cost i think it is a little bracket what it ifits back in to
  3. i am buying my season ticket monthly but forgot to put enough in bank last week when they tried to take it out and now the bank as charged me £35 when will they try again to take it
  4. Has anyone been to this holiday park this yr just wondered on beer prices in the club last yr it was £2-50 a pint of bitter , also any new things there and are Tom and lee still there
  5. but someone once told me you can record off freeview on to your video
  6. can you record off freeview we to have a tv with built in freeview
  7. they told us that because there are'nt two sat connections we can't have multiroom even though our flat is all on one level
  8. Do you live in a block of flats in sheffield and have communal aerials we have a box behind our tv with 3 sockets one for aerial one for sat and one for radio , we are due to have sky + but the installers think that we will be only be able to record what we are watching and also we will not be able to have multi room because there is only one point for satellite
  9. yes i have had antibiotics and i thought it was going but i don't fancy having it removed
  10. if so where i have one in the groin and it is very painfull
  11. my megane 51 plate as started to vibrate when driving and also the gear stick moves a lot when you change gear , anyone else have problems like this. is it a common fault it has 62000 on clock
  12. where in sheffield can you get a plastic nit comb from , boots only sell metal ones
  13. i work 19.5 hrs a week on 6.00 an hr and this is my first job since i was 16 i am now 38 my hubby works full time and pays nat insurance and tax what will i have to pay and how much
  14. does anyone know ehat was gioing off in the park today
  15. It's taking me 10 mins to retrieve my tiscali emails anyone else having problems i spoke to tiscali but there is no problems it is my pc i am using windows xp
  16. I need to take my mondeo to have the drivers seat belt repaired it will not go back as it should it seems as though it must be twisted inside and has to hang over the seat does anyone recommend any where that sees to them
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