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  1. i still cant see it, but here he is on his first trip to Germany, at a campsite with me (where he had a whale of a time, and all the girls liked him) http://www.julianhales.co.uk/images/07%20July%20German%20Trip/dresden/day_three/PICT2002.JPG If everyone on here, and FB says he cute, then he must be........but i do love him lol
  2. c'mon you have met him, and put him up for the night, you cant say hes cute..smart and loving yes, but no way cute lol
  3. for someone who has no idea, whats the differnce between hay and straw? is one for bedding and one for food?
  4. lol, please dont say im cute like arthur, hes pig ugly, and the ugliest dog i have ever had................
  5. sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dont tell people that,they might start to belive it ;-)
  6. someone slagged me off today saying i couldnt spell or write properly, i couldnt be bothered to say i had dyslexia. i dont care how bad people spell if they have problems, as longs as it aint chav text talk
  7. yeah it was on my DSH... what the actual thing behind a dew claw? is it just a part of the body that has never changed over thousands of years or does it have a use?
  8. never afraid to apologise, or admit i was wrong...... oh everyday is a bad day for me. yes and im not afraid to cry either which you have seen. i dont go for all this macho man BS......i know i can be stubborn, speak how i feel, and never get a job with the UN as diplomacy aint my strong point, but people who actully know me, dont think im that bad. but hey, i dont go out to make friends (as such) im just me....................
  9. ah ok, makes sense now, my old DSH ripped hers off and it wasnt nice. at first i thought it was like detailing a dog, when it wasnt really needed, but yeah can understand why now
  10. lol, i love him to bits, hes my best friend, but i cant say hes cute.....not at all (wittmann, now shes cute!!!)
  11. lol. 3min 37 seconds of ugliness :-) oh and just found this foto......hes pig ugly! http://i955.photobucket.com/albums/ae35/mrcooljules/uglyarthur.jpg
  12. yes, smarter than some breeds of dogs, and cos of the intelligence its sad to see how some suffer just due to a craze some time ago.
  13. never heard of that, but i laugh when people say they bought a cockerpoodle etc and say its a propper breed etc. (i forget the correct word at the min) while i dont mind things like the cockerpoodle, well i do, but i hear they are good for people with allergies etc. i hate the disigner breeders etc. one of my dogs is a mongrel, hes damn ugly but had a generally happy life, yet my prefious DSH's had to be put down due to hip displacia... god knows what problems these pups might suffer from
  14. i never thought of that............i genuinly thought they dog the bulldog stood on a box.
  15. yeah they are just mongrels, like cockapoo's etc, and while dogs mate accidently, this is nothing but a selfish and greedy act.........yet the dogs will be the ones that suffer
  16. whats declawed me for someone who hasnt kept them?
  17. geez. i thinking there might be some serious unhealthy dogs what are produced. i dont even think they could breeed naturally, never mind give birth
  18. yes, trouble is they destroy gardens, by rolling around doing what they love to do, i could have one dumped on me, but couldnt take it in.. i like them, they are pretty smart, but i saw the fad and how many got dumped after they became popular some time ago..........i wouldnt call them micro at all, i really wouldnt
  19. exactly...lots of people have been caught out with how big they get, and have to send them to farms... they destroy gardens, hate being alone etc. i like them, but i wouldnt have them unless i totally knew how to keep them for such a long time, in the right conditons.. mind you, would make expensive bacon sandwiches.
  20. its a bit boring video....but she refuses to come in and just wants to play in the snow. a daft 11ish month old DSH in the back garden she wont come in for hours, i even have to feed her outside cos she just wants to play in it. in 2 foot of snow she was laid down eating the chicken carcuses, i have to drag her in at night when i want to goto bed......
  21. me a woman? lol. its not the first time people have thought that (cos of my name lol) if im wrong, i have no problems apologising. no probs, people know i speak my mind but im not great at wording things....i really hate the people who play the disabled card, but i do know people suffer or carry on with differant disabilities in different ways....of course i didnt want people to fall and hurt themselves trying to walk the dogs, esp the old ones.
  22. me stubborn? anyway think how i feel, i have to put up with me 24/7
  23. doubt it as i guess they have a direct contract, but some of the tv ads, use wilkinsons, poundstretcer etc sometimes also stock the stuff off tv ads
  24. why? i will always apologise if im wrong........im not afraid to cry either, im only human
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