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  1. just heard that Pat Crowley has sadly past away : R.I.P .Pat
  2. sorry to hear about wally ,wondered why i hadnt see him about for a few weeks. is the pete atkin aka jocky ? r.i.p wally
  3. bushbaby do u remember watching either the 1970 cup final or the world cup final on ya mate dicks (colour telly ) he lived on rocher if i remember ? i think his dad owned a couple of chemist shops,the first ever coloured telly we ever saw.....i could be wrong,or was it all just a dream
  4. yes nellie does have a sister she,s called julie she married kev (fred) eyre if u r going to smickers 50th u just might meet her as she has some involvement in running of the beagle i believe ? p.s Deso,s real name is john stanton
  5. my sister in law and her husband Jeff & Vicky Cupitt lived on Masters Rd a good few years ago
  6. look 4 golden palace on facebook its got photos of old chippy,and the new one
  7. golden palace chinese takeaway ex buchanan shops is now open on margetson shops p.s buchanan is not spelt buchanon.....
  8. If memory serves me right poor Phil Johnson died in december 2004 of lung cancer R.I.P Phil (top guy )
  9. Pete Howe is alive + well,saw him at the bus stop on Wordsworth Ave nr Herries Rd on Sunday 12th.
  10. is there anyone out there who knows how to connect a home pc & laptop & playstation 3 wi-fi. getting nagged to death by er,indoors & grandkids about ethernet cables running all over the house. if possible in english or even better in sheffield speak. like narden dee:help::help:
  11. talking of launce rd,I remember a girl called sue martin who lived on there.she to knock about with pat fitzpatrick,pamela richardson,diane farnsworth.if I remember they all went to southey green school:
  12. hi oki,you sound very familiar r u a well known tattooist?
  13. hi,richard in response to the rumours regarding Jason Antcliffe,Jason was diagnosed with liver cancer in sept/oct 2003.In March 2004 we took him to Christies Hospital in Manchester where we were told that not only he had liver cancer but had cancer spores all over his body.Christies was his last chance saloon as Weston Park could do no more.On the 25 May ,Jasons health detiorated he was injected with a syringe drive (ie a cocktail of drugs ,pain killers,100% pure heroin )And on the 29th of May at 2:10 am he sadly passed away.I hope this quashes all the rumours.
  14. there used to a family called antcliffe who lived on brightside lane
  15. there was an antcliffe family they lived on brightside lane
  16. hi b,baby was told that jinxs uncle alan wilcockson has recently had a stroke,do you remember that day in the beagle when i think deso threw that dart that stuck in your calf and you never flinched,p.s who are that couple you spoke about married all those years can,t seem to recall them.
  17. i think the person you are talking about was dennis not dick he always had a transistor radio stuck to his lugole he died a good few years ago,he lived at the top of wordsworth close
  18. anyway bushbaby ows wriggo,deso,steve(tak)siddall,jinks,monty,tetsy,baba,manx,tommy glaves ? i woz with u on your 40th or 30th or even 20th ,birthday bash in the beagle i know it was,nt your 10th joe would,nt let us in.guess who mate ?
  19. pete howe is alive & still kicking he lives on scraithwood saw him 2 weeks ago in rivelin park
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