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  1. ive seen Waddle and Hirst driving about quite abit and waddle came to my schools recent record of achievment presentation so i met him. I also nudged my past Di Canio in JJB in meadowhall afew years ago when Di Canio played for Wednesday. Ive also seen Dave Basset and and i met practically the entire Sheff United squad a few years ago cus my grandad used to be stadium manager of bramhall lane so i got a guided tour a couple of times. apart from footballers though ive never seen anyone really famous..
  2. Metallica.. the new album rocks ass..
  3. im sorry, but THE single best TV advert has got to be the Flat Eric levis advert. The one where its just flat eric dancing to the tune in the car, and thats all it is for about a minuite. The first time i saw that advert i fell on the floor in hysterics and couldnt stop laughing for about 10 minuites solid..
  4. As a film i thought it was quite good, but as a sequel i thought it was quite poor. On its own, Reloaded is a pretty decent movie with some awesome special affects, but it dosnt compare to the first film. I thought the way it ended was quite crap aswell. leaving us like that... ah well..just means we need to go back and see the third one now
  5. Ok, im new here, and theres probably been a post same as this at some other point, but id just like to get an idea as to what footie teams you all support..? Are you an Owl, a Blade, a Spirite, a Dingle or a Rover..? just for the record, im an Owl. Always have been. Always will be. come on you wednesday..!
  6. Hillsborough is bigger than most of the grounds the FA pick for England games, but we still dont get one. I think the FA hate sheffield . Id deffiently go and watch them if they came..
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