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  1. Hi my beloved Mimsy Hamster died yesterday so I'm looking to get two girl robos must be sisters and babies and get along well. Does anyone breed these in Sheffield. I only see they sell them in pets at home but wanted to get my next ones from a proper breeder. Thanks.
  2. Hi I have a one year old female Roborovski hamster that is starting to loose fur on her belly, legs and now the sides of her body She is fed a varied diet and is still very active Does anyone know what this can be? Regards
  3. I live in S20 Area of sheffield (owlthorpe) and have approx 3 black bin liners a week of lovely guinea pig waste from 7 guinea pigs FOR FREE. Collection only as i dont have transport to deliver... It contains Hay, sawdust, uneaten fruit, urine and poo I compost most of it and it does rot down quickly but i have some bags I would like others to make use of as i am finding it difficult to dispose now of the two weekly bin collections. I am not sure if I had a green bin i would be able to dispose of in this?
  4. I live s20 area so need a farm near here
  5. i would be interested in this too as i need good quality non dusty hay for my guinea pigs
  6. I want to learn to sing. Not sure if i can sing? Not sure what style....like Katie Melua, Celine Dion, Carpenters...all sorts really.....even rock music. Not opera though So i would like to come see someone who i can get to easily on Tram route in sheffield I live out S20 Area. maybe for a consultation.....I am slightly shy about singing but this is something i have wanted to do for many years......
  7. Does anyone know of an independant Vauxhall garage as i need my car servicing. It is still under warranty so i need to get it serviced so it will not invalidate the warranty and dont want to pay silly prices at a main dealer.
  8. i would be interested in one in sheffield city centre too and i would like to learn disco / dance music type. More for keep fit reasons with a goal of learning as well.
  9. Thanks for all your responses....made me chuckle, glad others love to see and hear it too.....lets see who is the first to post again when spotted......
  10. The Chinook helicopter just flown by I liveS20 area. Seen it the other day too. Has,anyone else seen it. Lovely helicopter makes nice noise.
  11. Yes they sell at pets at home but last week when I was in girl serving someone said its hard to sex them so I want to buy mine from an established breeder who can ensure they girls. Would like some advice on homing and handling too. I own guinea pigs and have had big hamsters before so I'm used to handling pets but I hear these,are fast Yes they like Russian dwarfs but I don't like those sort I only want roborovski ones.
  12. Does anyone breed Roborovski Hamsters in Sheffield and have any for Sale shortly. I hope for 2 white faced females if possible.
  13. do you still breed roborovski's?
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