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  1. Hi I'd like to get some costs for a wedding 11th Aug. About 3 hours. Thanks
  2. Can anybody recommend a painter/decorator for the S8 area? Is it something that is reasonably affordable?
  3. Moving from and to S8 area and need help with boxes wardrobes beds washing machine etc. Has anyone got any recommendation and costs Also need a skip...
  4. long shot but try https://findmymobile.samsung.com/login.do and the android one https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager
  5. Look at Virgin, I am a very heavy user on their 150Mb package never had any issues. I think in the past 3 years at current address I've had it go down once for a few hours.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good car wash? I have read it's a bad idea to use the petrol station's automatic car wash as they can leave swirls. Doing it myself does not appeal Would be interest to hear if anyone has used the one on Abbeydale road next to the grand potato
  7. They are not a protected species. I don't want them killed off anyway I want them moved. Answers I was looking for when I came on here are liek use smoke they might move away, contact this bee keeper he will take them etc etc
  8. We leave the windows open but they just buzz round the house. My partner is terrified of them! I just need them gone - now
  9. I would prefer to leave them but am getting 2 - 3 bees in my bedroom each morning.
  10. would that make them move out or just make them calm? It would have to be smoke bomb in loft as no outlets
  11. deffo bumble bee. Big fluffy dosey things
  12. I have bumble bees in my loft. The council want £48 to for pest control to remove them. Does anyone know a free alternative, Is there anything that will drive them away?
  13. Thanks, is Sharrow Festival good?
  14. Anything on this weekend? Really enjoyed Chatsworth food/drink festival the other week so looking for something similar this sunny weekend.
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