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  1. Yes you are right, I saw it victory roll too. I was on Endcliffe Hall Avenue and it it did it right above me. Haven't seen it on any videos maybe too far away from the park.
  2. I went there too, around 1965 to 1968. Some memories: Playground divided down the middle with a big gate. Toilets at the top of the yard in the corner. Nice field at the back with an air-raid shelter called The Point which we were told not to play on. Some classrooms had a coal fire. Mobile dentist caravan once per year. Hole in the wall into infants playground. School bell in a turret on the roof. Sloping playground brilliant for slides in the snow. Staff-room upstairs and going upstairs strictly forbidden. Mrs Hulbert was crossing lady. Miss Spittlehouse, Mr Kirbyshaw, Miss Cook, Mrs Taylor and Mr Womersley come to mind. Then I was at Windmill Hill for one year before comp, Mr Womersley's class.
  3. Early 70's. For Jack Thompson on Burncross Road. I did the bottom of Burncross Road and Housely Park round.
  4. When the paper sack hanging from the frame with a lid came in putting the fire ashes in them had a spectacular outcome. When they got heavy they fell off and the local animals shredded them to pieces. They became soft when it rained. We had ours bolted to the wall, some were on a pedestal thing. Do you remember spiking your finger fitting the sack?
  5. Just bringing this back to light after many years as it cropped up in a conversation in the pub and I contributed to this thread many years ago. Will now only be remembered by anyone over 50 ish and i've not seen any photos of the lights in archives or history sites (unless you know there are?) . That's a shame really as the illuminations were so much part of the calendar of Chapeltown and they are becoming forgotten.
  6. Remember the things that came in vans onto the estates? Daisy Fresh bread Fletchers bread Fish van Mobile butcher Pop lorry Tea van mobile greengrocer Rag & Bone man and those that came to the house like Cleaneze and Betterware. Used to leave us kids a tiny sample tin of polish about 1" diameter which we used for our bikes.
  7. Mine was a Ford Cortina Mk2 1300. At night in winter or fog had to cover the engine with a rug or it wouldn't start following morning. Also had to put a note on the steering wheel saying "rug on engine" or it got quite messy. Re-set contact breaker every month to prevent pinking, other than that was a good car.
  8. Seem to remember my mum having days for tasks. Something like Monday - washday Tuesday - ironing Wednesday - shopping and remember it's early closing Thursday - cleaning Friday - baking Saturday was bath night Sunday - rest I'm sure others will fill in the gaps with their schedule
  9. Just thought I would bring this back again. There's now 4 cranes with Christmas lights. Well done and thanks to those who do this each year, looks great on the M1 and down the valley from Shiregreen/Ecclesfield.
  10. His name is on the War Memorial in Ecclesfield churchyard, Falklands 1982.
  11. I'm still here, joined August 2004. Mainly to read but have posted occasionally
  12. Great photo of The Yorkshire Penny Bank and the 73 bus from High Green. The map has some interesting features, the railway lines to Newton Chambers, the sidings behind the park, Caledonian Iron Foundry and the bowling green & tennis courts side of Newton Hall.
  13. I know this is an old thread but I was reminded driving through this morning of The Handyman's Shop under the bridge, sold everything from nails to onion sets. The little building is still there and I think it was a kitchen sales outlet at one time, not sure what it is now.
  14. Hi yes it was. It should be repaired so that it works again, it would look much better rather than being stopped. Why isn't it classed as a public clock like many other church clocks and paid for from local authorities or parish councils?
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