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  1. have you tried rolling your feet with a cricket ball underneath ?
  2. doubt it easier for buses, maybe they can get out a little quicker but the lane is so narrow that the angle the bus has to take isnt easier at all. why did they not take ALL the junctions into account and make a big roundabout , include the road that goes at the back of Asda and BSL
  3. rough neighbours on rainbow avenue ... very noisy ,,, i moved away .... would not recommend on that count.. though you may be lucky to get good neighbours
  4. yeah.... what does he look like ... see if its the same guy? ---------- Post added 31-07-2015 at 22:40 ---------- you dont know him then ?
  5. does anyone know Simon who i met at tramlines ? hes into reggae and was in the peace gardens on saturday ?
  6. try blue moon next to the cathedral .... ?
  7. i have a laminator for sale if thats any good .... £30.00 with pouches dont know how many you need laminating but could work out cheaper ??
  8. mmm... sorry its more than i want to pay just now, thank you
  9. Oh i was gonna say yes too but i bet that its too short
  10. How much would you want for it?
  11. Sorry to go a little astray but does anyone know of bleep and booster?
  12. does anyone remember bleep and booster?
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