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  1. I know there are a few outdated threads on here about the pond but has anybody got any idea what fish / sizes there are currently?
  2. Its never impossible to say, "please check the sign, disabled people get priority in this area"
  3. But surely its down to the individual to ensure their own safety?
  4. Does that mean that the individual could not have one on their wheel chair?
  5. Why not just ring the schools or drop in with your flyers? then everyone in the school can see your flyers
  6. I heard it was gunshots too but can't seem to find anything about it anywhere on the net, suprised it isn't on the star
  7. What happened here on sunday night? about 4am.. saw loads of police
  8. Cant believe our luck... little india is unbeatable though
  9. Will have a look at peaks this weekend - didn't realise there was a stall there. There is one at the bottom of the moore too. My protein is ok but expensive compared to what you can get from local, small shops - cheers
  10. Any body know where i could buy high protein snack bars in bulk from?
  11. are there any indians open for lunch in the city center?
  12. Does anybody know if theres a way to browse the internet on the xbox 360?
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